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  1. bucknutbrew

    3 1/2 gallon primary for $2.50 w/lid (#2 plastic??)

    Question: My Giant Eagle has a bunch of empty white buckets from the bakery for sale. They are selling for $2.50 each and they have a lid. Is this safe to use a primary for apfelwein? I would need to figure out how to make a air tight hole for the airlock.
  2. bucknutbrew

    Wrong Recipes in Kit/ My Fault or get refund?

    I purchased a belgian wit kit from Grape and Granary. I followed the instructions and did some research after the fact (that is definitely my mistake). I wrote all of the details in my recipe log and was curious as to what my brew would taste most like, more like a Blue Moon or Hoegaarden. When...
  3. bucknutbrew

    Help with Recipe/Belgian Wit from Grape and Granary

    I just went ot my hometown brewshop (Grape and Granary) and purchased their Belgian Wit Recipe. How dow you think that this recipe will turn out? I plan on starting at about 9pm EST. The kit was $27 and includes: 1 Nottingham yeast (will not use); purchased liquid 3944 1 3.3lb Briess...
  4. bucknutbrew

    American Brown Ale Critique/Smell

    I have an off smell/taste in my beer that I can't quite describe. Morebeer American Brown Ale. Recipe 7lbs Ultralight LME Yeast = Safale S-04 Steeping Grains 8 oz crystal 60L 8 oz Honey Malt 4 oz Chocolate Hops 1 oz Glacier (bittering) boiled 60 minutes 2 oz Glacier...
  5. bucknutbrew

    Malt extract & Recipe questions

    My wife was going to buy me 3 kits from Morebeer for Christmas and the order was delayed. I live close to Grape and Granary in Ohio, but I believe that their beer kits come with canned Malt & DME vs 7lbs of Bulk LME with Morebeer. I want to put together 3 kits piecemeal and I am looking for some...
  6. bucknutbrew

    Bottling...not that bad

    I just bottled my first batch of beer tonight and I have to say that it wasn't that bad or time consuming. I prefer bottling beer over wine for sure. I just thought that it wasn't going to be a bigger issue after reading other posts. I do have two refrigerators so I am sure that it just a...