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    Brewer's Best Irish Stout

    Just my two cents again but if your looking to turn a beer around quick its not necessary to secondary at all and would probably benefit more from from the extra couple days in primary. Especially with a darker beer clarity is not much of an issue and even still beers will clarify in primary if...
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    Brewer's Best Irish Stout

    I actually brewed this kit back in November. My notes say my starting gravity was about 1.050, and my final gravity was close to 1.020. One problem i had (it was only my 3rd brew) was impatient and racked to secondary to quick (one week maybe), and i feel like i might have bottled too early...
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    La MAudite

    Delicious beer indeed, this post has quite a few different variations toward the last few pages, I actually just bottled the trois pistoles clone from AHS a couple weeks ago, so far so good, but still needs to carb and...
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    Caramel cream ale?

    If i wanted to do this as a partial mash should i just replace the Light Extract with a couple of pounds of pale malt or any other suggestions? This recipe seems really intriguing.
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    Caramel cream ale?

    what would be a good dry yeast to use with this recipe, or is the Wyeast a deal breaker?
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    9931.5 +2.5 = 9934 first batch for me
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    Anyone heard of - (Unibroue)

    Unibroue's Maudite and Trois Pistoles are two of my favorite beers, but at $10 for a 4 pack i only drink it a few times a year. However, I just picked up the Trois Pistoles kit from AHS and hope i wont have to buy it for a long time. Anyone else try cloning any of their beers before?