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  1. petrostar


    I let my pumpkin ale ferment for about 7 months and now I just popped the lid on it and I have this clump of what looks like mold growing on the top! I really hope it's not lost, it smells wonderful! Any ideas?
  2. petrostar

    Burner Help!?

    I have had two 100,000 btu jet burners for a couple years now. I have grown to dislike them a lot. They are leaking all over and causing orange flame to char my beautiful polished kegs. I have already tried using rtv and JB weld high temp and both have burned off. Would like to know what type...
  3. petrostar

    Brutus control panel

    Ill post throughout my build Sent from my SCH-I535 using Home Brew mobile app
  4. petrostar

    Boil kettle hop filter

    Made this in about a half hour. Should work great. More surface area and as long as you don't whirlpool it never plugs. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Home Brew mobile app
  5. petrostar

    Washington Seattle/Tacoma Glass Carboys

    I have 2-6.5 Gallon Glass Carboys with Handles and Rubber Tops. I also have one 5 Gallon glass carboy with rubber stoppers and draining holder. Price is $110 for the three OBO. I would possibly trade for a couple decent Hurricane style burners. Zero Chips or cracks on any of them. PM me with any...
  6. petrostar

    What type of fermenter do you use?

    The question is as basic as it sounds, I personally own a large quantity of glass five and six and a half gallon carboys but hate cleaning them because I do a lot of dry hopped beers. I also feel that six and a half gallon plastic buckets are much easier to clean, cost less, and are just easier...
  7. petrostar

    Boiling fly-sparge water?

    I recently brewed with a guy I've never brewed with before. Heres the deal, I fly sparge with water roughly 168 degrees but in watching him brew he was using water that was almost a rolling boil. I tasted said brews that he makes and they were the best home brewed beers I've ever tasted, hands...
  8. petrostar

    1lb Simcoe Hops

    Title says it all. Would love some whole leaf but pellet is fine.
  9. petrostar

    Us-05 yeast cake question

    I had two carboys with previous yeast cakes on them. Maybe a week old. I brewed an all grain pale ale that I mashed at 152 for an hour. Og was 1.060. I checked it yesterday and it was at 1.0040!!!! Checked with refractometer and hydrometer. I fermented at 68 degrees. Is this normal for pitching...
  10. petrostar


    Anybody else find they always need a blowoff tube for this strain of yeast? I always do, this strain goes nuts everytime for me.
  11. petrostar

    obligatory "Help" thread

    I'm brewing two batches tomorrow and my local homebrew store forgot my hallertau hops for my hefe. All I have on tap is simcoe and magnum. Suggestions? Has anybody tried either in there hefe style beers? I'm using wlp 380 yeast. Thanks!!!
  12. petrostar

    Hop Infusion?

    I am just about finished with my Brutus 10 and am having a few concerns before brew day. I have 2 Chugger Pumps and 1/2" ID silicone tube for them. All connections are 1/2" ID. My diptube is a copperTEE with about 4" of stainless braid coming out both sides and two 1/2" caps inside each end of...
  13. petrostar

    Beer tragedy!! Help me recover!

    So I'll be short and quick about this as I'm in an extremely volatile emotional state. About a month and a half ago I brewed an all simcoe hops Ipa. I carbed it last thursday and this beer was amazzaazing! I only had picnic faucets left over from my wedding so I used those. I had about 4-5...
  14. petrostar

    Washington 230 Volt 3/4HP Motor

    I have a like-new 230volt 3/4hp motor. The motor is 1075 rpms and comes with a belly band clamp that could be used to mount for your grain mill. The motor specs are in the photo. If you have any questions please let me know I will answer quickly. Price is $60 shipped via USPS flat rate. Peter
  15. petrostar

    Washington Sheaves & Pulleys $1

    I have multiple Sheaves and Pulleys that could be used for your powered grain mill. I have acquired these over the last couple months. I got the two that I needed and the rest are up for grabs. I have the shaft size and pulley/sheave size listed on each one. Make me an offer W/shipping on any of...
  16. petrostar

    Washington Automated NO POWER brewing

    Have you ever wanted on/off control of your brewing setup but didn't want to plug it into a power supply? Here is the solution. I have two unused millivolt gas valves. They both use Thermopiles which are just a big thermocouple that generates enough electricity to allow the gas valve coil to...
  17. petrostar

    Washington On/Off Toggle Switch & Light

    I have two switches that are both new and unused. They both go for around $30/Each plus shipping from everything I can find online. These are heavy duty HVAC switches and would work great in your DIY control panels. I will sell each for $15 shipped. Any questions feel free to ask.
  18. petrostar

    Washington Re-circulating pumps

    I have two pumps that could be used for recirculation of water. Theyre not rated for boiling water. 115 volt and brand new. $30 each
  19. petrostar

    Help grinding brutus 10!!!

    Here's my issue. I'm about to paint my Brutus 10 and can't get into the top edges of the stand. It's 2" square steel and its a 2" gap. I want to clean the spatter off and smooth out the inner edge. Any tips or tools that would help would be awesome.
  20. petrostar

    Green Chugger Pump

    I have a green chugger pump for sale. Works flawlessly. Ive upgraded to 2 stainless center inlet pumps. If youre curious about flow, I pumped with this through fifteen feet of 1/2" hose through my 36' 1/2" coil and it pumped strong! The threads on one side are a little marred/stripped but a...