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    Insurance (UK Cider Sales, Law)

    You will also have to look at the cost of UK duty, thats expensive. think its £26 for 100 liters of pure alcohol for cider
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    Bottles not firming up

    Thats funny because ive had problems with bottle bombs
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    My cider smells like egg

    Would adding a bit of maize wort to the must work to boost nitrogen levels? or would that taste really bad?
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    First Cider Batch

    yeah i talk about beer none stop as well, once you start home brewing as well you become really picky about beer as well
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    My cider smells like egg

    Its not so bad because its in the garage but i was touching cloth when I smelt it, I thought I would have to bin it.
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    My cider smells like egg

    Started brewing some cider, all to the book but over the past day its developed this really bad smell (It smells like a reaily bad fart or eggs that have gone off) , is this due to lack of nitrogen? Thanks Pava
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    bread yeast

    would red wine yeast work or would that be worse than bread yeast?