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    Does BU = IBU

    I have a recipe that is calling for a hop addition of 5.1 BU columbus, is this the same as 5.1 IBU columbus? If not is there a conversion to get from BU to IBU? I am using Beersmith, is there way enter the IBU have it calculate the ounces of hops needed?
  2. K

    Odell 90 Shilling Clone

    I am trying to make a Odell 90 shilling clone and below is a recipe that I pieced together from various forums. I based the grain bill from a post on nothernbrewer in which the poster claimed he email Doug O'dell and provided the following info: OK, I emailed O'Dells sometime ago, and Doug...
  3. K

    Alternative To LHBS Grains

    I have done some searching on this forum for this answer and I think it will be ok but I want to make sure I don’t ruin a batch of beer. If I have a recipe that calls for flaked wheat can I use flaked wheat from a whole foods store; for instance like the one here Azure Standard - Wheat, Rolled...