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    Imperial Milk/Chocolate Stout BJCP Category?

    Hi all, My friend and I recently brewed an imperial stout (came in at 8.1% ABV) which we added lactose to toward the end of the boil, and then we also added cocoa nibs in secondary. Which BJCP category would this likely fit into? Sweet Stout (16A) caps at 6% ABV, so that doesn't seem right...
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    Quick Recipe Question: LME/DME

    Hi all, I am going to be brewing a recipe this weekend that calls for "6.6 lbs." of LME, and "1 lb. 2 oz." of DME. My LHBS only carries LME. How much total LME should I purchase to make up for the DME? Thanks, Doug
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    Two packs of Safale US-05 vs. Rehydrating

    Hi all, I've spent hours trudging through the threads on rehydrating dry yeast vs. not rehydrating, and I'm still undecided. So here is my question: Tomorrow I am brewing a beer which I expect to have an OG of 1.070. I have seen many threads that say just sprinkling the dry yeast (Safale...
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    Recipe Volume Conversion Help

    Hi all, I'd like to brew this on Saturday: However, I do full boils, and this recipe is for a 2.5 gallon boil. I'd actually like to end up with 5.5 gallons to account for the ~.5 gallons I lose in my conical to trub dumps. Can someone with Beersmith or the...
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    Conical: how to check volume?

    I have a 7 gallon stainless steel conical which I recently used for the first time. As I was transferring my wort from the kettle to the conical, it occurred to me that I had no way to tell when I had reached 5 gallons of volume! Typically I will have to add a little water to get to 5 gallons...
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    Fermwrap for Conical?

    I recently purchased one of the 7 gallon stainless steel conicals from ebay. Now I am working on building my fermentation chamber out of a spare fridge. Does anyone use a Fermwrap heater on a conical? Does it go around the upper part of the fermenter or around the cone? Does anyone have...
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    Metallic Taste?

    I brewed a batch of IPA two weeks ago (extract plus grains). I drew a sample on Saturday, and it has a distinct metallic aftertaste. I did use a new stainless steel brewpot and false bottom purchased from my LHBS, but my understanding is that stainless steel should not impart any metallic...
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    Recipe Suggestion: Magnums and Cascades

    Hi all, I am going to brew this weekend, and I would like to use the hops I got from my first year plants. Here is what I ended up with: -7.75 oz. dried Cascades -0.5 oz. dried Magnums (yeah, that's it!) So, I was thinking of doing an APA/IPA using Magnums for bittering (the little...
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    Drying hops with a box fan

    I just harvested my first year Cascades. Woohoo! Now I am ready to dry them, and I'd like to use the box fan/furnace filter method. I have searched around, but I'm having trouble finding info on approximately how long it will take to dry them using this method, so that's my first question...
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    Conical Techniques

    Hi everyone, So I purchased one of the eBay stainless steel conical fermenters. I haven't received it yet, but I wanted to ask those of you with conical fermenters what your general practices are. Specifically: -How often do you dump trub? -How often do you take a sample for gravity...