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  1. K

    Recipe help!

    Hello all, I am expecting a housefull for Thanksgiving, and all I have on hand is a bunch of big beers that will make the old people's eyes bug out. I would like to make a good session beer for the crowd out of the ingredients I already have on hand, to wit: 4# Belgian 2-row (my bag sez...
  2. K

    Why not use ice to cool wort?

    I've been reading through some of the threads on wort cooling. It seems that a lot of people are opposed to adding ice to the wort (a la Alton Brown) because of risk of infection. Yet topping off with water is extremely common. So why not top off with ice to get the temps down more quickly...
  3. K

    Help-too bitter Amber Ale

    A fine mess I've gotten myself into. In brewing my first full boil, I failed to account for the increased hops utilization and now have a bitter beer. It is currently dry hopping (1 oz Amarillo) in secondary. I recall reading somewhere, possibly on these very boards, that a pound or so of...