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  1. J

    Parks super Glaze bar top epoxy

    I am sorry for the delay to the post, I havent had any time to work on my build so i havent applied the Klear Kote. Life is getting in the way (military and school). Haha. I will finish my degree in june and i plan on resuming work on the build then. Once again i apologize. I will post...
  2. J

    Parks super Glaze bar top epoxy

    are you talking about parks super glaze, or klear kote sold from U.S. composites?
  3. J

    Parks super Glaze bar top epoxy

    I just got my replacements from baird bros. Good quality stuff. Although it is what i expected to recieve first, they sent out replacements right away. Good business in my book. I decided to go with the klear kote, should get that on friday. hopefully have it poured by sunday. Once complete...
  4. J

    Bargain Fittings is AWESOME, here is why.

    Pol, Maybe i missed it, but were did you get the fittings for the pump? Thanks! Joe
  5. J

    Parks super Glaze bar top epoxy

    I just got a response from Baird Bros, they are going to ship out replacements today. So it looks as though i am going to try the Klear Kote, as i have time to wait now. looks like next weekend. Thanks for the responses. Joe
  6. J

    Chris Knight's brew rig

    Chris, First off, thanks for sharing this and your instructional videos! Any plans to show (video) the maiden voyage and maybe overview of the build? Cheers! Joe
  7. J

    Parks super Glaze bar top epoxy

    a quart runs $23. I think i may have found a better option for value at the following site: I was going to use the home depot stuff because i planned on being ready this weekend for that part of my project. I recieved my chicago bar rail molding from...
  8. J

    Parks super Glaze bar top epoxy

    This stuff is sold at Home Depot. Anyone have any experience with it? Pros/Cons? Website/info Parks Super Glaze Super Glaze Pour-On Finish and Preservative is an ultra-thick, high gloss, crystal clear epoxy that provides maximum...
  9. J

    O - rings from McMaster

    I just got these in the mail today, Thanks for the PN's! Joe
  10. J

    Corny keg, the evolved bottling bucket

    Yea, i think we are all on the same page. I was just talking about using the bmbf as an attachment to the keg. it beats the hell out of using a bottling bucket that's made of plastic.
  11. J

    1 batch. Keg some, bottle some:technique

    No i dont, because the beer isnt carbed yet. I just use enough co2 (approx 2-5psi) to push the beer through the keg. If i was to bottle after it has been carbed, then i will put sanitized bottles in the freezer for about 15-20 mins.
  12. J

    Corny keg, the evolved bottling bucket

    My bottling bucket hasnt been used for bottling in over a year (been brewing for approx 20 months).This is the way ive been doing it. I believe i got the idea from this board a long time ago. Anyways it is very easy to do. I just use a BMBF attached to the keg. In fact it was in this thread...
  13. J

    slow pour?

    What psi do you have it set at? Also, is your co2 valves all open after you hooked up?
  14. J

    Secondary Fermentation - To Rack or Not to Rack

    +1. Also ive noticed that after cold crashing that the cake on the bottom is less likely to stir up during racking. Sometimes i feel like i can just drop the autosiphon in and it wont suck up any yeasties (i dont though).
  15. J

    1 batch. Keg some, bottle some:technique

    I know you said you wanted to benefit from natural and force carbing, but if you choose to naturally carb the whole batch w/ priming sugar, i use a similar method to Yooper. Instead i put my sugar solution into the keg, siphon beer from fermentor to the sanitized keg. Then i put the lid on...
  16. J

    Wanting to reuse yeast.

    Ok, so i kegged a stout the other night. I left the yeast cake in the bottom of the carboy and put the airlock back in. I plan on brewing in a week. I am going to be out of town, that is why i didnt try to do a yeast wash as mentioned. Will it be ok to pitch right back onto the yeastcake in...
  17. J

    (YET ANOTHER) plate chiller question

    what size is your chiller? Thanks Joe
  18. J

    # of kegs vs kegerator capacity

    9 kegs 2 taps in garage 6 tap keezer in den (in work)
  19. J

    QD's on gas lines, or "Why didn't I do this Sooner"?

    Yea, qds make life so much easier. If you have an air compressor you can save your CO2 and use compressed air to run cleaner through lines with your keg and sanitize your keg. Joe
  20. J

    Looking for suggestions!!

    Can multiple fans be wired to the same charging adapter?