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    Dum Boddels . . .

    Wish I had known that Anchor Steam bottles and Modello Negro bottles sucked, before I started bottling my Amarillo IPA. So, are the seals on the caps going to keep co2 from escaping or amy I getting two six packs of flat beer.
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    What's up with the hops?

    Just got back from Things Beer at Michigan Brewing company and while they have had a good selection of pellet hops throughout the shortage I was surprised to find that they once agains have whole hops in a few varieties. Is this a good sign or completely meaningless?
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    Will I need to add additional yeast at bottling?

    Hey everyone, this is my first post and would appreciate any input. I'm currently brewing a La Fin Du Monde clone. I used Wyeast Trappist yeast and utilized a starter. Starting OG was app. 1.090. Plan to ferment 10 days in primary, 4 weeks in secondary, then bottle for another month (if I...