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    Low Alcohol recipe?

    I've been brewing AG for over a year now (only about a 125 gal though). What I am looking for is advice to make a good tasting low alcohol beer. Is is better to use the same ingredients and just less of them? Or should I use bolder ingredients? I have a couple of recipies I like but I...
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    Help, the Lees floated to the top!

    I was degassing a Chilean Malbec in preparation of bottling. I was using a vacuum pump enjoying the bubble show and all of a sudden this thick gelatinous mat floated up and got stuck in the neck of the carboy. It's floating and I can't suck it out (yea I tried). What should I do? I was...
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    My Concrete countertop bar build

    I'm no carpenter by any means but I did have some time on my hands. I also had a spare kitchen in the basement that I always wanted to make a bar out of. So it took about a month working part time and 500 bucks but here it is. It's not done yet as I had another project crop up but I hope to...