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    help with my steam beer

    as i posted before, i was worried that fermentation had stopped in my carboy. there are no bubbles, no yeast ring around the top. there is, however, a yeast cake layer at the bottom, and since it was a lager yeast, im guessing that its normal not to have the yeast ring up top (as lager yeasts...
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    fermentation ceased

    Ok, so the "steam beer" that I was brewing has stopped fermenting completely. Not sure why this happened, but I would guess its because the lager yeast was outside its optimum temp. range? My handbook says to add another pack of yeast, to start the fermentation again. But, the only yeast I have...
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    possible ruined batch

    So, as a few of you may know from my first thread, I purchased a "Classic Pilsner" hopped liquid extract, and have already brewed it and it is fermenting now. The problem is, I completely failed to realize that this is a lager, and will require much more work to make. Currently, it is fermenting...
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    HELP ME!! (ingredients)

    Hi, my name is Aaron and I'm totally new to this. Here's my situation: I bought a 5g brew kit on eBay, and received it. I went to a local brew shop and got a can of Edme "Classic Pilsner" syrup. The can ingredients say that it contains Malted Barley, Water, Hop Extract, and Brewers...