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    Pretty sure it's not ruined, but ...

    I made a Hefe last week using Wyeast 3068 and those guys are active! Got everything into my plastic bucket, lid on, and the next day the lid was pushed up and off with Hefe flowing down the side of the bucket. Time to get me a glass carboy I guess :) Obviously it was exposed to air, but I'm...
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    Kahlua Stout Recipe

    This will be my 4th brew and I did not mean to make a recipe. But, one thing lead to another and here I am. I have always enjoyed a pint of Guinness with a shot of Kahlua in it, and I am trying to replicate that taste with this recipe. Forgive the format is it's not in line with standard, but...
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    "Kahlua Stout" Recipe

    Please delete this thread.
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    Types of Bottles

    Hey everyone. I'm planning on bottling up my cider today and wanted to check quick on types of bottles. I have some standard 12 oz beer bottles I plan to use, but I also have .5L glass cider bottles that the juice came in. They have twist on caps. Everything will be cleaned and sterilized and I...
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    Quick Bottling Question - Should they cool first?

    I'm bottling my first brew this weekend, or think I will. Still have to check with the hydrometer, but it's been in secondary 2 weeks so I think I'll be good. Anyway ... I've washed the bottles and plan on running them through the dishwasher (with no detergent) and the "plate heat"...
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    Bursting Carboy - What did I do?

    I've seen many people post about exploding bottles, but has anyone had a problem with an "exploding" carboy? I just attempted my first brew, and am using a home kit that has a 6gal plastic bucket. I think this is pretty standard for a beginner kit. I was making a simple hefe, and everything...