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    YOUR Top 5 Imperial Stouts!

    Stouts are my bread and butter. 1. founder breakfast 2. founders kbs 3. brooklyn black chochalate(on cask at capital ale house Richmond) 4. Shakespear, Rogue 5. Oak Aged Yeti, great divide Mind you I've had; Heresy, Ten-Fiddy, Dragons Milk .... all to syrupy sweet for me. I haven't...
  2. K

    Oskar Blues Ten Fidy... best beer ever?

    nooooo, ten fiddy is decent in my opinion, but way too syrupy sweet. Maybe aged 3-5 years it would be great. Kinda like Dragons Milk. I am a mostly stout fan and I would have to say the the best imho are as follows:Founder breakfast, Founders kentucky breakfast(I know, against the grain)...
  3. K

    Simcoe IPA

    Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA is the standard as far as I'm concerned. It has incredible grapefruit and citrus flavors and is incredibly smooth for being around 9%. I don't like a lot of Weyerbacher beers, most seem too hot to me, but this is amazing. Brewery is in Pennsylvania. I am a...
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    2010 winter/holiday beers

    Like others have said the Troeggs Mad Elf is a must try. Real unique, haven't had it this year but remember a lot of honey and almost cranberry flavor. This is my wifes favorite beer. Another one that screams christmas to me is New Belgium Frambozen. It's a dark brown ale/Framboise...
  5. K

    One More Licensing Exam Down...Here's to Cantillon Iris!

    I went there with the wifey a couple weeks ago and they had Victory Storm King Stout on cask and that was incredible! The bottle is good, but the cask is on a who' nubba leba:rockin: