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    Going Pro

    I'm a chef by trade and today my boss sat me down and asked about the prospect of starting up a brew pub with me as his brewmaster! The thought of brewing beer for a living is a dream come true and I would love to pull the trigger on this project but as a chef, I'm very aware that cooking...
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    Ding-Bat Beer Mistakes

    Welcome to the (un)official beer mistake thread! Feel free to boast your silliest, most embarrassing mistakes here! I'll start: Last night I poured myself a nice pint of hefe. After a few minutes of happy sipping I heard the telltale sound of a blown keg coming from the keezer! Upon...
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    Hefeweizen @ 2 weeks

    Hi all, I started a batch of simple extract honey wheat brew 2 weeks ago today. recipe: 3 gal boil 5.5 gal recipe 6# Briess wheat DME 1# honey (10 min) 1 oz liberty (60 min) 1 oz liberty (20 min) 1 oz amarillo (10 min steep) 1 vial American Hefeweizen (wpl320) measured OG...
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    Cheap 5 Gallon Pot

    I just came across this: LINK $11.99 seems pretty cheap for a 5 gallon stainless.
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    Diamond Knot Clone

    7lbs Light Dry Malt Extract 1lb Crystal 20L 6oz Cara-Pils/Dextrine 1oz Galena 60min 1oz Columbus 5min 1oz Columbus dry hop 7 days Steep, boil, cool, pitch, rack. Standard operating procedure, you know the drill! Diamond Knot is a fine IPA brewed in the rainy hills of Western...
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    bottling from primary

    Hi all, I'm new to brewing and to this site (though I've been lurking for a couple weeks) and I have a question. I recently started my first batch of pale ale, It's been in primary for two weeks and I'm planning on bottling soon. I don't have a secondary or a bottling bucket and money is a...