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    Orkney Island Skullsplitter

    For those of you who are not familiar with this beer, you have got to try it. If you like dark with a high ABV, this is for you. It is an import from Scotland and is 8.5% ABV. This stuff takes like cooked candy! It was expensive before the hops demand, but now it is even more expensive. A four...
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    I have a problem? - 24 hour foam only !!!

    OK, so unfortunately I am using a Mr. Beer to start my new obsession. However, I was happy to discover that my keg showed about an inch worth of thick foam within a short time. I was thinking that at this rate, the top would blow. Stupid me unscrewed the lid slightly to let a lot of air out...
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    Cranberry Maibock 1st Mr. Beer batch !!!

    Hi guys, Brand new to home "mixing" and the forum. I recently ordered two kegs and three mixes from I tried the cranberry maibock first, and realize now that I would have done some things differently in the mixing and boiling process. At this point, it freak'n...