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    BB Ivan Belgian Tripel.

    Does it say what the contents are, exactly? I have to wonder if that yeast packet is really their standard ale yeast. Maybe it just isn't specially labelled? The idea that you can make a beer taste anything like a tripel without the right yeast is just flat-out bonkers, and I'd be surprised if...
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    Aerating Before Dropping Yeast

    It doesn't matter. I've done it both ways and they work fine. Aerating the wort with the yeast in certainly won't physically damage it or anything. A lot of experienced brewers will in fact advocate multiple aerations for high-gravity beers after the yeast has been introduced, but before...
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    Help, my home brew has no kick

    Yeah use your hydrometer and software to get your abv where you want it, if that's a big concern. You are comparing yourself to Arrogant Bastard, which is big for an IPA. Try brewing some belgian strong ales, or, if you have the patience, a barleywine, and I promise you will get the buzz...
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    Brewers Best!!!???

    That's probably to avoid "hot side aeration". The idea is that aerating hot wort (>80F) can lead to poor shelf life and oxidation issues (cardboard taste) later down the road. If you don't chill the wort first, you are dumping it into your fermenter while hot, which would aerate it. I guess...