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    cloe's blueberry melomel

    here's a melomel i put together this evening it's named after my daughter cloe's blueberry melomel makes 2 gallons 3 lbs clover honey 1 gallon blueberry/pomegranete juice 2 frozen apple juice concentrate 3 qt. water 3 green tea bags 2 lbs fresh/frozen blueberries 1 packet lalvin...
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    1st beer...drinking right now

    hey all, well...i did it. and while it will win no is making me VERY happy :mug: it's a double ipa. kegged and force carbed. pitched the yeast on march 1, 07 OG 1.090 racked to secondary march 9, 07 dry hopped april 3, 07 FG 1.012 kegged april 20, 07 it's a bit hazy...
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    It's a Festivus Miracle in April!!!

    hey all, i'm so psyched. the ups and fedex guys showed up today w/ a TON of new gear :D i just got in a few glass gallon jugs for some quick mead recipies a 2000ml flask for starters. complete w/ stopper, airlock and stirrers....stir plate should be here tomorrow some of the DME that...