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    Brewery Tours/Visits?

    Rogue, Dogfish, Guiness(Storehouse), Shiner...and a couple other small ones. Rogue and Dogfish were cool sites, the dogfish brewery tour at the time consisted of here are the tanks, now lets drink. Sam was around, drinking and telling stories. Real nice people there. There were only 4 of us...
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    Just split from girlfriend of 3.5 years, and have vacation next week.. What do I do?

    Go on a cruise..........nothing but horny women. If you can't get laid on a cruise , your doing something wrong....
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    ATTN: Pitbull Owners Beware of Pits w/ Children

    Thats a great Photo. I have a Miniature Bull Terrier, they are indeed the least aggressive of the Bully breeds. You want to meet a mean dog, get a Chihuahua. If those little bastards were any bigger they would rule the planet.
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    BMC alcohol abuse

    As a bartender, when I pour BMC into heavily frozen glasses for those who demand the coldest possible beer, I do not cry over the massive about of beer wasted in the process. I give the customer what they want, within reason. I spill large amounts of BMC in any given night.
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    Why Is Stone So Good???

    Perhaps this time around, there simply are no words. It's like describing love to someone who has never been.....For those of us in the know, there are no words.
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    I'm Rich!!

    The entirely sad part about all of this, is that there are people in the states who are so retarded that they will fall for this scam.....
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    Stimulus Watch...What used to be in your wallet?

    This is the largest money laundering scam in history.........
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    Tarantino's newest

    Thank you. The movie looks great, but he looks like he playing an actor, playing a cheesie role in movie. Like it's oceans 14 or something. He's no Lee Marvin. Brad Pitt is a great actor, but he seems out of place. Who knows.
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    What is one band/song you would kill to see live

    I would kill a few people to see a live Vegas style show with Dean, Frank and Sammy. Bull****ting, drinking and occasionally breaking into song. That would rock....
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    Unauthorized use of my photo by Men’s Fitness Magazine

    I agree with what everyone is saying. It's a little snipet of a page, someone probably just grabbed the images somewhere else and linked em. Doubtful they would put something like that in print.
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    Lapse in Dog's training.

    My dog is a Miniature Bull Terrier. He is just over 3, and he is neutered. I can only assume it is a mental thing. He can hold when he is out of his crate. I know he is purposely peeing in his crate for whatever reason. Some how he has learned that it's ok too or something.
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    Post a pic--let's see your ugly mugs

    Did no one else catch this? Perhaps i watch too much pron...........
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    Lapse in Dog's training.

    Alright, so my dog has decided that he must pee in his crate everytime he gets in it. Took him for a LONG walk today. He peed numerous times, and pooped( twice). Put him in his crate to run to the store and he peed in it. I know it's not becuase he has to go. Any experience/advice on this?
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    BrightHouse vs. Fios

    Don't get me wrong, an HD tv would be great. But I simply don't watch enough to justify the cost right now. I'm a big fan of "Go big or go home". The day will come when I get a big ass HD tv. Not whilst I am college though. I go to school mainly online, so internet speed is of vital...
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    BrightHouse vs. Fios

    Sorry, I forget that most don't know what bright house is. Bright HOuse is a spinoff of Time Warner basically. It was time warner at one point, but it is some sort of split. It is best to think of it as Time warner with GOOD customer service.
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    Wolverine Movie Trailer!?!?!?!?!?

    Cant be worse than that Abortion of a Film they tried to call X-men 3.
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    BrightHouse vs. Fios

    Alright quick down and dirty. 1. I have bright house and fios is now available. 2. I have no HD tv and have no interest in getting one. 3. Brighthouse runs 110 a month for cable internet/tv 4. Fios will run 95, 80 without DVR which I cannot do without. Questions, 1. Is the internet...
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    Learned something about myself this week....

    1. Golden Girls was a funny show, Blanche was such a ho. 2. PBR is a good beer, and despite what I may have thought about it in the past, it is very drinkable.
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    new years diet

    To Quote Jack Lalaane, "If man made don't eat it, and if it tastes good, spit it out."
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    Need Help Building a CD

    I spend many hours a week in front of my computer doing homework. I use slacker radio, if you havent checked it out it's worth a look. Anywho, I recently built a soul station and love it. I am looking to make a CD or two with some soul classics and greats. Need some advice on specific...