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    carbonation trouble

    I just had a couple of brews from a batch i made a month ago. The carbonation is really weak, almost non existant. I made a light Ale with 4 lbs of light extract and a pound of honey. It fermented in the primary for seven days(fermented well), and then onto the secondary for 10 days. I added...
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    Dextrose measurment question...

    How many cups of dextrose = 1 pound??? Most recipes call for corn sugar in weight, I am just wondering what the conversion is to volume/cups, because I do not own a scale.
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    stirring mead?

    I just finished up making three one-gallon batches of mead, all different recipes. Right now they are in air-locked plastic primaries. Im just wondering if the mead will need to be stirred? Ive read posts that say people stir their mead daily, especially if its an open fermentation. But if...
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    How to remove labels/glue from bottles?

    I just drank 2 cases worth of Point Special Lager for the returnable bottles. Im going to use the bottles to bottle my next batch. Im just wondering if anyone has any tricks to removing the labels and unerlying glue from the bottles?
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    Anyone from Wisconsin?

    Just wondering if anyone knows where you can buy mead in Fox Valley area?
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    Simple mead recipes for a first-timer.

    I've been home brewing for awhile now, and finally decided to take the plunge into mead making. Im just about done with Schrams Complete meadmaker, and cant wait to whip up my first batch. Im planning on making two batches, one Ive already determined will be malkores not so ancient mead. It...
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    My first batch is giving me trouble, please help if you can

    My first stab at brewing hasn't quite turned out as planned. I used the Coopers Pilsner extract kit. The book I was using has a "how to" told me that 3.3lbs would be fine for a "light" lager, but if you like full body and taste I should double it. Well I was too anxious to brew my first batch...
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    Upping the S. gravity???? (OG)

    Im just wondering what the best and most economical way to boost the S. gravity/alcohol content of an american light lager/pilsner? I know that adding corn sugar will do it, but im wondering if cane sugar would be more efficient/less costly? I dont want to risk turning my brew into a cider...