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  1. J

    No carbonation- first Mr. Beer batch.

    Well I did my first batch of Mr. Beer which was an ale. Followed the instructions and let it ferment for 10 days. At about day 7 or 8 I saw the beer go from cloudy to see thru. Left it for an extra 2 days and then bottled. I am using the plastic 1 liter PET bottles that they gave to me. I...
  2. J

    First Stout- Not carbed.

    Ok let me start by sayign I am usign a Mr. Beer kit. I purcahsed the premium stout and made it as I would any. The only extra I added was a small amount 1.5 cups of cold brewed coffee. I also used the liquid stout made for yeast. I let it ferment for about 2.5 weeks. After this I bottled...
  3. J

    Can you use honey as a primer for carbonation?

    Ok. I was wondering if anybody had every tried to use honey as a primer for bottle carbonation instead of sugar or sugar drops??? I purchased a small sampler pack of different honeys from Vermont and I wanted to try to see if the different honeys would impart different tastes to my beer...
  4. J

    Sounds crazy but does home brew give you a headache?

    Ok It knot it sounds crazy but it is true. I thought at first it was just me but I have noticed that almost every time I crack open a home brew and have a few gulps I start getting a headache. I currently own a Mr. Beer kit. Please don't tell me how mr beer sucks cause tat is not the point...
  5. J

    Has anybody ever used corn or corn cobs during brewing?

    I saw some crazy recipe on the Mr. Beer website where they were using a corn cob in the fermentor.
  6. J

    What are the top online places to get a starter kit from?

    I have a Mr. Beer kit and I love it but I would like to make more. So I would like to start in with a good starter or intermidiate kit. I was looking to compare the options out there and whated to know what places to look at online. The only place I know of is...
  7. J

    New and lookign for help with adding orange to beer.

    I am new to this enthre world. I received a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas and I have just jumped into makign beer. I know the Mr. Beer kit is not the best thing out there or the most pure form of beer making but I think it is a great startign point for me. Here is my question. I want to make...