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    yeast starter

    I bought a yeast starter kit with the 1000ml flask stopper and air lock. I boiled 3/4 cp of dme with 1cp H20 cooled to 80' F pitched in the yeast stoppered and shook it around a bit to oxygenate per instructions given by multiple sources.
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    yeast starter

    Well I made my yeast starter using White labs yeast 2 days ago I followed all the instructions made sure everything was sanitized and it's yet to do anything. I have shook the vial a few times still nothing any ideas? should I order more yeast? I have a package of Muntons dry yeast I guess I...
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    bottling and mini kegging priming issue

    Ok here's where I'm at I got a 5 gal batch and I want to put half in 2-5 ltr mini kegs and bottle the rest. If you use 3/4 cp or 5oz of corn sugar for bottles and 1/2 cp or 3.5oz for mini kegs that is 1oz to 1gal for bottles .7oz to 1gal for mini kegs. Can I prime the whole batch with 3.5oz fill...
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    Bass bottles

    I read somewhere that you can't reuse Bass bottles something about you can't recap them. Is this true I need to know 'cause I got 2 cases of them I'm planning on using and I sure don't want to be stuck on bottling day!