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    Festbier Oktoberfest (1st place, scored 42)

    Your response confuses me now. In your org post you said 90min mash 60 min boil. Your response now, is 60 min mash and 90 min boil?
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    What is this on the bottom of my brew pot?

    Cleaned up! Thanks for the help.
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    What is this on the bottom of my brew pot?

    I will try the pbw. Thanks. It is direct fire.
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    What is this on the bottom of my brew pot?

    Have scrub at this and it is stubborn. What is this on my brew pot?
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    Forgot to add grains

    I will still be good with volume because I boiled more off on the first mash. I will boil the 2nd mash for about 10 min. I forgot carapils, crystal 60l and victory malt.
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    Forgot to add grains

    So I was mid boil and found grains I forgot to add. So I just finished the boil and then did another mash. I just plan on added the 2nd mash to the first and then add yeast. Do you see any issues or concerns?
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    Festbier BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale (AG)

    So I have a lot domestic 2 row pale , gambrinus esb pale, or dingemans Munich malt as substitutes?
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    Helles Bock Floor Kill Ale (Maibock...ish)

    Would you be able to convert this to 5gal batch?
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    BIAB 21# grain bill possible for 10 gallon batch?

    Another idea instead of a paint strainer bag is a laundry bag. I bought two off of amazon and it was really cheap.
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    Dry hop situation

    So I made a wheat ipa two weeks ago and it is still in the primary. I still need to dry hop and this is where the problem comes in. I leave tomorrow and won't return home until April 1. What should I do?
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    Got a bunch of free grains and hops!

    I had a buddy move oversea and didn't want it so of course I took it! I didn't expect to get this much!
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    Got a bunch of free grains and hops!

    So I got a bunch of free grains and hops. I was wondering If I could get some help with what to make with it all? Not at once of course. Flaked barley (5lbs) Briess pale ale malt (15lbs) Dingemans Munich malt (10lbs) Muntons mild malt (5lbs) Briess caramel Vienna malt (4lbs) Gambrinus ESB pale...
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    Very little carbination in lager?

    Its just not like the other beers I made. Of course this is my first lager.
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    Very little carbination in lager?

    So I brewed a brewers best octoberfest and its been in the bottle for a week with very little carbination. It was in the primary for a two weeks at 56 degrees and then into the secondary for a month sat 40 degrees. I bottled and there isn't a lot ofcarbination after a week. Usually I'm used...
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    Questions about BB Oktoberfest kit as lager

    So I did 2 weeks at ale temp and then dropped down to lagering temps for a month. The I bottled but after a week it wasn't carbonated like my other beers. Usually it is really carbonated but not this one. Any ideas?
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    Double IPA Tits-Up Imperial IPA (3-Time Medalist - 2 Golds, 1 Silver)

    How will adding the crystal hops at the beginning of the boil effect my beer?
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    Double IPA Tits-Up Imperial IPA (3-Time Medalist - 2 Golds, 1 Silver)

    Just want to be clear, im brewing this today. The corn sugar will be in for the whole boil, right? thanks. Update- well brewed this up yesturday. My sg was 1.085 little under but only my 3rd ag, still learning my setup. Made a mistake, miss read the hop schedule and added the crystal...
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    power outtage san diego

    Thanks goes to the government. Should of just let things be.
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    First Kit - BB Octoberfest- to lager or not?

    just from doing a quick search on the forum it looks like this is ale yeast. Also FYI people have said that this was a good beer kit and they feremented any where from 60-70. Try and maintain a constant temperature if you can.