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  1. Carter1932

    Pitching Beer on Wine Lees and Oak cubes

    I just finished bottling 6 gallons of Shiraz and have the wine lees and med. toast Hungarian oak cubes set aside to use in an upcoming brew. Having never done this before I was hoping to find some advise as to what beer styles might work best and any techniques I should consider. Right...
  2. Carter1932

    Pair of New Belgium 16 oz or 12 oz tulip glasses for $9 w/ free shipping

    So I bought some of the 16 oz glasses last year as gifts for the homebrew club gift exchange. They have the same special this year with free shipping. I don't think the 12 oz glasses were available last year so I bought a set of those this year. These are really nice glasses. >> Groovy...
  3. Carter1932

    Is $175 for 6 tap Cold Plate a Good Price?

    My research seems to suggest this is a great price, but maybe I'm not aware of all vendors for cold plates. That price includes the shipping. Should I pull the trigger?
  4. Carter1932

    Calculating Strike Water Temperature

    This weekend I am participating in a brew-in being sponsored by a local microbrewery, Bluegrass Brewery Co. (BBC). I am told that we'll be supplied tap water of approx. 170 deg. F. My software tells me that I my initial protein rest infusion will need approx. 132 deg. F. water to hit a...
  5. Carter1932

    Anyway to fix a overly sweet beer?

    Brewed an amber ale a year ago that's too sweet to enjoy and still have about 4 gallons left in a keg. I think the hop schedule was wrong or the alpha acids were listed incorrect. I'm about to dump it but before I do thought I'd ask if there is any better use for it, or way to amend it?
  6. Carter1932

    Best Solution to Underpitched Batch?

    For the first time I harvested some yeast from hombrew made a year ago. Took pacman dregs from about 4 bottles and fermented out three times over about a week. After a week I was a bit suspect as to the quantity of the yeast, but against my own intuition I pitched it anyway cause I was...
  7. Carter1932

    Do yourself a favor, get a refractormeter to replace your hydrometer

    I bought a refractometer a couple of months ago on eBay for about $25 shipped and it is wonderful. Wish I had not wasted money on a three different hydrometers, one of which broke. Don't be put off by the price of refractormeter @ your LHBS. Find a generic cheap one on eBay and then grab of...
  8. Carter1932

    Repitch yeast before racking Eisbock?

    I decided to delve into 'eis' beers. I had a dubbel that finished a bit drier than I wanted, so decided to use it for experimental purposes and iced 1 1/4 gallon of it. I put the beer in deep freeze overnight and it almost froze solid. The next morning I let it thaw back out in the fridge...
  9. Carter1932

    Stuck fermentation after addition of cane sugar and candi syrup?

    I made 10 gallons of Dubbel a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't real sure when would be the best time to add 1/2 lb of cane sugar and 3/4 lb of dark belgium candi syrup to the wort per 5 gallons batch. After some searching on this site I went with a recommendation of adding just as the krausen...
  10. Carter1932

    Beer Competition Questions

    I entered the state fair this year and won third place in stout and German wheat/rye category for my Oatmeal Stout and Dunkelweizen. I knew they were good brews, but was still a bit surprised to take home a ribbon. If nothing else its brought about some new found respect for my hobby. This...
  11. Carter1932

    Cold crashing and bottling question

    So I'm about done cold crashing an IPA of some low flocculating yeast and I'm wondering if enough yeast will remain in solution for effective bottle carbonation? Is it ok as is, should I warm it some before bottling, should I pitch some yeast? I do have the option to keg, but generally I...
  12. Carter1932

    Secondary Temperature?

    Question, I've got a batch of Amber Ale and Imperial Stout in my cellar. Both have been through primary fermentation at around 65-67º. They are now in secondary in the cellar. (For what its worth, both are on Pacman yeast; the amber is 2 1/2 months old and the Imperial is 1 month old.)...
  13. Carter1932

    Labels for my spring brews

    Jumped back into AG brewing after about a 12 year hiatus. So far I've got five 10G brews under my belt since April 1, 2010. :cross: Now time to sit back and be patient. Anyway, came up with these labels.