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  1. rtp-brew

    Lp Gas, Honeywell Valves, & Auber Temp Control Questions

    I just built pretty much this exact setup, so I guess I can chime in. I went with the 2342's with RTDs. Right now they're running in on/off mode per the basic instructions in the manual. I tried one of them briefly in PID mode and the Honeywell valve started making some funky noises, so I...
  2. rtp-brew

    2 timers in control panel?

    I used 2 ASL-51s on my Kal-panel. I'm gas fired with manual control on the BK so had the extra hole to fill. I set one timer for long processes like total mash or boil duration. Then the second one is for shorter steps like mash steps or hop additions. You could also set one to count up and...
  3. rtp-brew

    Mounting Bolt size for Banjo Burner

    Metric M6 IIRC. I was just going through this the other week. This is assuming they all come from the same factory and are all threaded to the same spec. FWIW, the big box hardware stores (near me anyway) have a panel mocked up with assorted nuts and thread bolt ends which are labelled. If...
  4. rtp-brew

    Tri clover sight glass

    Try these:
  5. rtp-brew

    Weldless brew stand.

    I was planning on direct firing the MT, so some finer control there. Supposedly adding automation is a little easier/cheaper down the road. We'll see about that I guess. Also having stood next to a KAB6 while it was heating 26 gallons, it's kind of overkill. There is a ton of wasted heat...
  6. rtp-brew

    Weldless brew stand.

    I just started the same build. Those burners arrived yesterday with jets, which I too was not expecting. The jet isn't stamped anywhere. No idea of the orifice size. I'm converting to low pressure propane, so I figure I'm going to have to drill them out anyway. Waiting on my regulator...
  7. rtp-brew

    storing star san in a corney

    I'm no chemist, but it comes UNdiluted in a regular hpde #2 container. It doesn't eat it's way through that. I don't see how there's much chance of it destroying an hpde fermenter bucket or a stainless steel keg when diluted. I store mine in kegs - no trouble in over 2 years so far....
  8. rtp-brew

    Question about the National Homebrew Competition

    Yeah, the competition registration doesn't start until Feb/Mar. Here's the link to the competition page on the new site:
  9. rtp-brew

    Tips for nitro tap?

    I've just gone through the first keg on my nitro faucet. I think you'll do fine to set and forget. I carbonated with co2 the same you would any other beer. Seal the lid with ~20psi and then carbonate at about 8-10psi. I was too impatient to wait on the first keg, so I used the shake...
  10. rtp-brew

    8 mm Spouts

    A few observations after a weekend of "testing". On low-normal carbonation beers the pour is much nicer. No more air bubble trapped at the spout. The air bubble seemed to cause some extra turbulence resulting in increased foaming. So that is much improved. I also get a couple of ounces of...
  11. rtp-brew

    How long to dryhop in Keg???

    You can dry hop at pretty much any point. The colder the beer is the longer it takes for the flavor to develop though. Just taste the beer every couple of days until it stops getting "better". The Pliney recipe in this month's Zymurgy had some good notes from Vinnie Cilurzo on how they do...
  12. rtp-brew

    8 mm Spouts

    I get the hollow pour pretty often so I ordered a set. Will report back when they arrive, but Mike (the guy who makes them) has been very quick to respond to emails so far.
  13. rtp-brew

    Using champagne foils

    We used them on some homemade wine. The ones we had were heatshrinking. A boiling tea kettle produced just the right amount of steam from the spout to do the trick. Hope that helps!
  14. rtp-brew

    Serving brewery beer from Keg

    Hi, The length of the gas line doesn't really matter, but you have a pretty short beer line. Start at 1 psi and adjust the regulator up until you get a nice pour. If you can, get the keg in place a few hours early so it has time to settle. You wouldn't want to leave the beer at 1 psi all of...
  15. rtp-brew

    Newbie question about carbonation.

    Probably, I was just doing 2x line length in my head. Better to err on the side of too long though.
  16. rtp-brew

    too cold to pitch yeast?

    Nah, it's fine. It might take a little longer to start, but lots of people pitch slightly colder and let it warm up on it's own. Keeping it on the cooler side for that yeast, 65-68F if you can, will give you a nice clean fermentation.
  17. rtp-brew

    Newbie question about carbonation.

    Hi, It will find equilibrium on it's own. The beer will stop carbonating when it has absorbed all of the gas it can at that PSI and Temperature. If you looked at the carbonation chart (or Beersmith) and determined that 12 PSI will give you the correct volumes of co2, then you can just set the...
  18. rtp-brew

    Stuck fermentation on a lager

    Hi, Here's kind of a long reply for your long post. One week isn't really long enough. It will get there, but it's just going to take more time. Lagers I just try to forget about for 2-3 weeks. Ignore the airlock activity. The colder beer will retain more co2, and the yeast are working...
  19. rtp-brew

    finding a club

    The AHA (American HomeBrewers' Association, National Club) has a list of local clubs on their website. searchable by state. Homebrew Club Listings Looks like there are 2 clubs in Atlanta. Final Gravity Craft Brewers ID #: 000160892 Thunderbolt...
  20. rtp-brew

    How to pack beer for sending to a competition?

    I usually wrap each bottle with 1 layer of bubble wrap and 1 piece of tape to hold it on (remember, someone has to open all of these things again, try not to make it a pain). If there's any dead space in the box I would add some newspaper to keep everything from moving around. Pretty much as...