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    new brewstore in Marietta GA

    I just walked 197 steps to the Brewmasters Warehouse and left with ingredients for a batch of IPA. They are still setting up the store but they're open for business. After the move is settled down they plan on having brew classes and events at the store. I'm gonna be one broke, drunk SOB with a...
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    new brewstore in Marietta GA

    I just passed a new brewstore in Marietta GA. It's on Roswell road near the loop in Eastgate shopping center near Wild Wings. They open 9-6 closed on Sunday. I haven't been inside yet because they were closed. It looks like they are still setting up the store. Go by and say hi if you get a chance.
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    Post pictures of stuff you have made (besides beer)

    I built this. I bought a set of plans and built everything you see including the sails. Now I get to sail it. The latest update was setting up a keg for my brews onboard.
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    Keg cooler

    Well the keg cooler worked perfectly! After 4 days on my boat I still had a huge hunk of ice and a little cold beer left. The only thing I will do different next time is tie the keg to the cooler so it doesn't float. Having the top cut out with the keg sticking through it kept the melted ice...
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    Empty C02 canisters at an old bar

    I just swapped out an old coke CO2 bottle for a new one. It cost me $16 for the exchange and there were no questions ever asked. The tank was last tested in 95 and was given to me from a vending machine guy. Now it's back in the system, it can be turned in to coke by the place that fills them...
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    Keg cooler

    Well I hope this works for me. I got one of those 50qt igloo ice cube coolers from Target for my boat keg. I cut a hole in the top of it with a jigsaw to fit a corny keg. I placed an empty keg into the cooler and filled the cooler up with water. I had to strap the keg into place around the...
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    Georgia roll call

    It was nice to meet you at the LHBS mrk305. Me and some of the guys are meeting up at Hart State park on the weekend of the 19th for some sailing and drinking. I've got a group of boatbuilders coming up with their boats to see the now canceled antique boatshow. Without the show it will leave...
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    Another Cornelius Keg Question - Gluing Handles back on

    I just glued the bottom onto one of my kegs with 3M 5200 marine caulking. It takes a long time to dry but it will hold anything. It's used in the marine industry to fasten things together that you NEVER want to take apart. You can get it for a caulk gun or in a small toothpaste type tube.
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    Recommend a good Beer Line Cleaning Kit?

    I got that kit with my kegerator and it's not that great. The pump doesn't build up much pressure and you really have to pump the s*** out of it to get the fluid flowing. Once you get over the hump in your system gravity takes over and it siphons out. I won't buy another one when this one gives...
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    keeping freezer outside

    I keep my big kegerator outside and have had no problems with freezing beer. I think it's insulated enough to keep it from getting too cold. It doesn't stay below freezing for very long here in GA though. If you think it may be a problem though there is a trick that you can use to keep it from...
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    Keg cooler

    that's an idea but all I have right now is 5 gallon pin locks. I may have to find some smaller kegs in the future
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    Ninja or Pirate?

    I'll have to choose Pirate. I spent too long building my pirate ship to say Ninja
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    Keg cooler

    I'm trying to get a keg setup on my boat so I don't have to ever bottle my brew again. I've got a 5# co2 bottle and I've got to get a picnic tap still but what are you using to keep the beer cold? I don't thing a bucket of ice would last long enough. I'd like to be able to keep it cold for at...
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    Skunky fermentation

    It had the banana smell until today, now it just stinks! It's like my dog somehow climbed into the brew cabinet and farted! The good news is I just kegged up a batch of Rye pale ale that tastes awesome, it's like an angel peed in my fermenter. I may even call it angel piss! I already have a...
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    Skunky fermentation

    I've got a hefe fermenting right now. I brewed it on Sunday and used White labs WLP-300 yeast. I made a starter and used a blow off tube and got a very strong fermentation going. After it settled down I put an airlock on it and it's still bubbling every 20 seconds or so. It's in a glass carboy...
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    Portable cannon!

    Check out my cannon. I built it to blast jet skiers and other pirates that may be sailing on my waters. It's made from pvc pipe and uses calcium carbide and water to make an acetylene gas. Once it mixes for a few seconds I hit the spark igniter and BOOM! It sounds great on the water. We do a...
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    Does this kegerator price look good to you

    It sounds like the one I have, I love it. It's made by True. I got my for a barter that cost me 4 hours. By bro in law paid $500 for it and wasn't using it. Look at the beer lines and see if they are still good. It cost me about $100 after picking it up to get it ready to use.
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    Have a couple of 'em...

    Heres a few About my stupid coworker Hard to imagine that he beat out a million other sperm. The hot girlfriend, If you stand next to her you can hear the ocean. How about the teenage daughter's boyfriend. He looks like he plays goalie for the darts team.
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    Man those guys are incredible! I got working limbs and can't dance till I've downed a bunch of beer, after that I still can't dance but I don't care anymore. Keith
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    Life is Good

    Life is great, I've got 15 gallons on tap and another 5 chillin in the carboy dropping yeasties to the bottom before I keg it. It's about time to pour up another glass. Hmmm which tap should I open this time?:mug: Keith