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  1. cprincipe

    How not to do gas / electricity

    You work with an android?
  2. cprincipe

    a porter with maple syrup

    I think Charlie Papazian mentions in Complete Guide to Home Brewing using maple sap in the place of water in a batch - you might want to talk to your farmer friend next February/March about putting aside a couple gallons for you.
  3. cprincipe

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    I love beer, I love Homebrewtalk, I love carboys and I love sanitation.
  4. cprincipe

    Steel Horse Brewing 3 tier build and brewery pics

    Do you have a LIFT in your garage? You're my hero in 18 different ways.
  5. cprincipe

    Fruit Beer techniques

    In defense of the OP, I think he just meant "non-fruited beer."
  6. cprincipe

    The "official" what/how YOU started thread

    My girlfriend got me a homebrew kit for Valentine's Day. Ten months and four batches later I proposed......
  7. cprincipe

    Star San question

    Oh man I just had a forehead-smacking noob moment. YOU CAN KEEP SANITIZING SOLUTION? :mad:
  8. cprincipe

    Who's thinking about their Christmas Brew already?

    I'm thinking about it but haven't laid any plans out and won't have a carboy free until 10/18. Should I not even bother?
  9. cprincipe

    Stupid all-grain boiling question

    Hate to ask such a basic question but I've searched around the site and haven't found an answer. If I were to do an all-grain, how much liquid would I end up having to boil to get a 5 gallon batch in my fermentation bucket? I've been doing extract brewing so I do my boiling right now in a 4...
  10. cprincipe

    Attention new all grain brewers!

    Stupid question: I'm currently doing extract with steeped grains, boiling my wort in a stock pot. I think that produces about two gallons of "concentrated" wort which is combined with three gallons of water to create five gallons of wort that I then pitch and ferment. If I were to go...
  11. cprincipe

    I Smell a Copyright Battle

    Edit - Big Kahuna beat me to it.
  12. cprincipe

    Where to score kegs for keggles?

    Anyone had any luck approaching the local major brewery? There's a Busch plant about a mile from my office, wondering if they have any that they junk which are still good for keggles.
  13. cprincipe

    Brewery names--what's your story?

    Birdland Brewery - my girlfriend and I are both jazz fans.