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    What kind of water do you use?

    Tap water, minerals and all. We have hard water, very hard water. I enjoy every drop. :D
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    A slightly different Kegerator Project

    Nice job! Tip on staining in the future- to eliminate the blotchy look on the pine, use the "Pre-stain" before staining the wood. The "pre-stain" ensures that the stain absorbs equally and give it a consistent look. Still looks great. I would like more info on how you removed the cooling unit...
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    How much priming sugar in keg?

    I realize this thread is over a year old. Curious if there were any updates to the data, experiences posted originally in this thread? I have noticed my beer doesnt have that special something, yea they taste good, what beer doesnt, but it seems like its missing ..... Thinking the sugar...
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    Is there a guide for installing a thermostat in a fridge?

    IS this for a standard home refridge? If so there is only one circuit.
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    Ways to increase boil temperature

    Backpackers use what is called a windscreen. Not only does it keep the wind off teh pot, it funnels the heat up the side of hte pot and reduces cook time by increasing temps around the pot. In ohter words it reflects the heat back into the pot. They are simple to make, piece of aluminum...
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    Your Favorite Kits

    So far my favorite is Wind River Brewing Company "Old World Pilsner". WindRiver Light Lager Kits :mug:
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    Low Original Gravity Problems

    I was reading the 10 tips thread and had a question that relates to this thread. Does the volume of water you steep the grains in make a difference? I have been steeping at the same volume of water I add the extract too and then boil it. I gather by the 10 tips thread that I should be...
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    Racking Questions

    The secondary stage is really a lagering stage. This is where the flavors blend better, more sediment drops out, and you free up your primary fermentor for another batch. You can leave it in the secondary for as long as you like. Generally the longer the better, smoother, the flavor. Drink...
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    10 tips to better extract brewing

    I'm going to try that suggestion on steeping the grains. Steep in a smaller volume of water.
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    Low Original Gravity Problems

    I just noticed the same thing with an LD Carlson kit I picked up from my local Home Brew Store. Does this affect the alchohol volume? I gather it does, in my case dropped by 1%. I don't use a thermometer during the steeping process. I also dont use sugar to carbonate, I keg my beer and...
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    Having a tough time finding a mini fridge...

    I aquired my sons old college dorm mini-fridge. I had to move the freezer (attached to teh top) out of the way, move the thermostat out of the way, and add 2x4 to the front. then cut out the door innards and reattached the door to the 2x4. I t now holds 2 corny kegs and keeps them below 30...
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    How many taps are enough?

    My current philosopy is 4 taps is enough. 1 for a drinking beer (like playing cards or socializing). 1 for a quick buzz beer. 1 or two beers and you have a good buzz going. Drink only if your not planning on doing anything. 1 for experimental. 1 for thsoe non drinkers or desigated drivers...
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    VERY serious kegging problem NEED HELP!

    My local liquer store is a block away and they carry mini-kegs of various beers. I never run out of beer, not even kegged beer. :D
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    Beer backup into regulator

    Great info on the regulator. In the future you might want to keep the regulator above the keg. Gravity has this way of allowing liquid to drain to the lowest point, in this case into your regulator.
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    Brand new shiny CO2 tanks

    find a used tank on ebay. swap it for a filled one.
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    possible future kegerator?

    I also had to cut the inner door off. Actually I cut the inner circle off, then pried it off. Then pried off the outer ring. I used the outer ring as a template for my new inner panel. I used a left over piece of counter top fermica for the inner panel. 30" should be enough. I had to bend my...
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    dead fridge

    put a want ad in your local college for a mini-fridge. Finals are happening the next couple of weeks. Some will graduate and will be looking to sell off tehir mini-fridge.
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    Death in the Desert 2008

    Did I hear climbing. Back in my younger days I used to climb at Josuha Tree witha couple of Marine Corp buddies. Great times. Nice firearms too. All around looks like a great weekend. :tank:
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    How to make a simple tap handle display

    Bolt throught he board is one option. You could also use t-nuts and a bolt or install a bolt/screw combination T-Nut- drill a hole throught eh board, t-nut goes int eh back side and the bolt threads into the t-nut. Bolt/Screw combo- one half the bolt is machine threaded for the...
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    Building a kegerator in my basement bar, from scratch

    I am in the final stages of a mini-fridge kegerator, basement remodel, wet bar project. I am putting my mini-fridge in the utility room and running the beer lines through the wall into a half barrel where the tappers will be mounted. I looked into the insulated box design, scratched it- too...