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  1. Stormrider51

    Chestnut beer - Zero reading on hydrometer Should give you some ideas. John
  2. Stormrider51

    Hard water vs Soft water vs Beer style

    Gnomebrewer must be familiar with this area. Our water supplier takes water from Canyon Lake and also from the Trinity Aquifer. John
  3. Stormrider51

    Hard water vs Soft water vs Beer style

    We live near Canyon Lake now. The water out here is very hard. So hard that we were warned to get a water softener or face our tankless water heater having a short lifespan. So we got a Kinetico. They claim to leave the smallest amount of salt in the water of any brand. I'm returning to...
  4. Stormrider51

    Hard water vs Soft water vs Beer style

    I'm posting this in the beginner section because even though I have some years experience I have a new situation. I moved into an area with very hard water. We were advised to install a water softener and did so. My question centers around this, I have a choice of hard or soft water for...
  5. Stormrider51

    Apple Ephemere Clone Attempt

    The only suggestion I'd make it is to look closely at the amount of hops you are using. It takes surprisingly little bittering to completely overpower the apple flavor. I used Strissel Spalt hops for that very reason. The Granny Smith apples will impart a slightly bitter/sour taste. I'd also...
  6. Stormrider51

    Apple Ephemere Clone Attempt

    Still one of my favorite brews although I haven't made it in a while. Might be next up on the list.
  7. Stormrider51

    Or Trade Austin, TX Area...10 gal stainless brewpot complete with thermometer & valve

    Here's the deal, we recently moved to the country and I now have a nice big metal building in which to do my brewing. A nice big unairconditioned metal building that is. It gets hot out there and the 14 gallon conical I was fermenting in is too big to fit into my cooler. The 5 gallon buckets...
  8. Stormrider51

    Adding fruit using hop bag vs Secondary?

    Your plan sounds good for the most part. I'd avoid the Star San and go with the vodka. Vodka has no flavor of its own so it won't change the flavor of the beer if a little gets added to the wort. I'd crush the berries. Do it while they are still semi-frozen. And I'd put the berries in at...
  9. Stormrider51

    Apple Ephemere Clone Attempt

    I consider primary fermentation over when the airlock is down to one bubble about every 30 seconds. I think you will find that the addition of the apples (or cherries or whatever fruit you decide to try) kicks off another round of fermentation. In every batch I've made the second fermentation...
  10. Stormrider51

    Apple Ephemere Clone Attempt

    Belgian beers are normally brewed at room temp. That's what I do. My house is fairly well insulated and we maintain the temp at around 70 F in the winter and 76 F in the summer months. I really don't worry about it much since I never brew lagers. I've repeated the Ephemere clone several...
  11. Stormrider51

    Sour note last 2 batches of Belgian Ale

    Many Belgian beers tend to have a bit of a sour taste. Letting it age for a few weeks can make a difference. Going for a little cooler fermentation temp would probably help too. John
  12. Stormrider51

    My First Lager, fermenation question

    Which yeast did they give you with that kit? It does sound like you are headed for a steam beer, not that there's anything wrong with them. John
  13. Stormrider51

    Which Yeast

    I'd suggest going with the White Labs Edinburgh. John
  14. Stormrider51

    Beer left sitting for months in primary

    If the beer has been sealed in a fermentor so that no outside air can get inside, then I'd say go ahead and bottle or keg as you usually do. Otherwise, I'd suggest that you draw off a sample and have a taste. If it seems drinkable, have at it. Remember that sour beer was once popular. You may...
  15. Stormrider51

    Hops in French Coffee Press Question

    Okay, I think I understand. I was told that the idea was to take the bittering hops, make a tea to get the flavor/aroma essence, then throw the hops into the pot for the boil. That sounded okay until I got to thinking about it. I often use one hop for bittering and another for flavor, etc. I...
  16. Stormrider51

    Hops in French Coffee Press Question

    I'm confused about the use of a french coffee press with hops. I put in bittering hops at the beginning of the boil, flavor hops for the last 15 minutes, and aroma hops for the last 5 minutes. I don't see how the press would save me anything unless I'm using the same hop for all three. What...
  17. Stormrider51


    We have a spray nozzle and hose attached to our sink. I use that to top up the water in the fermenter just before adding yeast. It seems to do the trick. John
  18. Stormrider51

    Slovenian Celeia Hops

    I discovered the Celeia hops when Austin Homebrew offered them as a seasonal. They are now sold out and I regret I didn't buy extra while I could. The Belgian style ale I made with Celeia has been a big hit with everyone who has tried it. The mini-mash recipe I did was: 3 lb Belgian...
  19. Stormrider51

    I screwed up the temp with yeast - what to do?

    You can go ahead and refridgerate it. You could also make a starter. John
  20. Stormrider51

    how would i make something similar to becks

    Beck's isn't that hard. Neither are any of the German lagers for that matter. Beck's uses two-row malted barley, German lager yeast, water, and Hallertau hops. You could do a mini-mash with extra pale malt extract replacing part of the grain. Check with your LHBS. They can set you up with a...