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  1. raindogxx

    Copper Fittings for Mash Tun

    Hi, Finally building a mash tun. I picked up some copper fittings yesterday and upon closer inspection they seem to be coated on the inside of the joints. I'm guessing it is a soldering compound but I thought I should check to see if I should be concerned about using them in my setup...
  2. raindogxx

    Where to get ingredients and equipment in Ireland?

    Just getting ready to relocate from New Hope, PA to Kinsale, Ireland. I'm planning to go all grain there and do 10 gallon batches. Ultimately I would like to get involved with the scene over there, you know, brew days, competitions and such. Unfortunately I'm having some trouble finding much of...
  3. raindogxx

    Moving to Kinsale, Ireland

    Hi everybody, Anyone in or near Kinsale? My wife is taking an international assignment just outside of Kinsale and I'm planning to get serious about brewing while I'm there (getting ready to stock up on my all grain equipment right now). Just browsing online it seems like there are only a...
  4. raindogxx

    Urea or Nothing?

    Hi everyone, First off, thanks to all of the great contributors on this forum. There is truly a great wealth of knowledge and experience captured on this board and it has helped me many times already. Thanks. Last night I inoculated my first batch of mead :ban:. I've been procrastinating...