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    Sanke keg further revealed!

    A good way to take off the spring retainer from the spear is to get a pole/pipe that fits outside the spear, and put some rubber bands around - or put a bolt through - the end of the pipe. Then, just push down the your pipe and turn while the end is between you're feet, and it will come right off.
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    Difference in racking for bottles vs. kegs

    Thanks for the info Seawolfe! :mug:
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    Difference in racking for bottles vs. kegs

    Hi, I am about to brew my first batch, and my recipe and instructions are intended for bottling, while I'm using a sanke keg (I understand how to take it apart and sanatize it). What are the steps I'm missing or need to change because I'm using the keg? i.e. do I skip the primer? and how do I...