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    What is this on the bottom of my brew pot?

    Have scrub at this and it is stubborn. What is this on my brew pot?
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    Forgot to add grains

    So I was mid boil and found grains I forgot to add. So I just finished the boil and then did another mash. I just plan on added the 2nd mash to the first and then add yeast. Do you see any issues or concerns?
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    Dry hop situation

    So I made a wheat ipa two weeks ago and it is still in the primary. I still need to dry hop and this is where the problem comes in. I leave tomorrow and won't return home until April 1. What should I do?
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    Got a bunch of free grains and hops!

    So I got a bunch of free grains and hops. I was wondering If I could get some help with what to make with it all? Not at once of course. Flaked barley (5lbs) Briess pale ale malt (15lbs) Dingemans Munich malt (10lbs) Muntons mild malt (5lbs) Briess caramel Vienna malt (4lbs) Gambrinus ESB pale...
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    Very little carbination in lager?

    So I brewed a brewers best octoberfest and its been in the bottle for a week with very little carbination. It was in the primary for a two weeks at 56 degrees and then into the secondary for a month sat 40 degrees. I bottled and there isn't a lot ofcarbination after a week. Usually I'm used...
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    Drunken Purchases!

    Don't know if there is a topic about this or not. After reading a fellow homebrewers post about going all grain and buying the equipment after having a few to drink, I thought I would start a thread. What have you bought after drinking a few?!
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    Aging a stout but would like to bottle to test.

    As stated in the title, I'm aging a stout and would like to bottle a couple to taste the process. Is this possible? I just racked to the secondary from the primary after a month. Some of the cons would be infection, but I'm pretty good with sanitation so not worried about that. Is there...
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    Priming water volume

    So I did a hef and it has been 11 days ( 2 days with same reading). Im going for CO2 volume of 3. Do i still need to boil it in water and if so how much water do i need to boil. Thanks. I did 2 3 gal batchs and beersmith recommended 3.48oz of corn sugar.
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    Logo sticker quote=$$$$ and more $$$$$

    So i went to a trophey store that also does stickers. Got an estimate and it was around $800+. I can't remember the details but there was a minimum and had six colors in the logo. It was even more to get mugs/glasses done in color. Just couldn't believe it. Settled with etched glasses...
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    Beer logo

    So this might be my new beer logo. I have already got some comments from friends and thought i would also include you guys.
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    hop made to look like a football logo. saw one on here.

    Somewhere on this forum I saw someone had a sticker/logo of a football with hop skin. Does anyone have a link or picture. Thanks
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    unstable sight gauge. brew in progress

    So I'm about 20 min into a boil and my sight gauge is unstable. It is getting pockets of air into it any going up and down. Anyone have this issue? On my keggle btw.
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    keggle on Bayou Classic burner

    When I brewed the other day I almost lost it all when I was stirring. My keggle barely fits on the burner. What have you done to secure it better. I'm a welder and just plan on welding braces onto it but I would like to see what others have done.
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    Yeast starter might not of worked

    So i made two seperate yeast starters. One of them when I shake it it foams. The other one very little to none, is this OK?
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    Recipe Check (Hefeweizen)

    All Grain: How does this look Yeast:WLP300 Hops: Liberty [email protected] and Tettnenger [email protected] Grain: 5.5lbs 2-row Pale malt 5.5lbs Wheat Malt
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    1st all-grain,BIAB, RIS...Crazy?!?!

    Well I brewed this up yesturday (BIAB), which was my very first all grain attemp. After having to make my own grain bag to hold all of this grain it went fairly smooth. Im not sure how my numbers are as far as did I hit my OG and my efficency. Grains: 8.5lbs Marris Otter 8.5lbs Golden...
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    Golden Promise not in beersmith?

    I did a search both here and on the beersmith forum and couldn't find anything about how to add it to beersmith 2.0. Does anyone have a fix?
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    SOCAL CL find- brew stands (not mine) Again Not mine. Looks cool I like the fold shelves on the three tier.
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    All-Grain - RIS (2011 HBT Competition Category Winner) Yeast Starter

    So I plan on brewing this soon but beermith tells me I either need: 12 WLP002 packs or 4 WLP002 packs with a 5.31QT yeast starter Does this sound right or is it to much? Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 5.25 gal Boil Size: 7.32 gal...
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    Need Pale Malt (2 row) UK

    Anyone know where i can find some? Thanks, Shawn