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  1. neb2619

    Cyser question?

    I have home brewed honey ales, braggots, and have made ciders in the past. Now, I am oddly drawn to try a Cyser. I have never made a true mead. I am thinking of hitting up my local apple orchard (this fall) for fresh apple juice and purchasing local honey for this brew. Is there anything special...
  2. neb2619

    my first Braggot

    I have decided to push into the mead world through the braggot. I have a recipe thats 40% honey to 60% all grain beer. I am now fermenting the low gravity (1.040) 5 gallons of beer with T-058 a Belgium dry along with 2 oz of cluster (60min) and 2 oz of saaz (5min) before I add the 5 pounds of...