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  1. pkaeding

    Good Podcasts on Brewing?

    I actually just wrote up some brief reviews/summaries of my favorite beer-related podcasts. Here's my list: Homebrew-related Basic Brewing Radio Basic Brewing Video The Jamil Show General Craft beer Craft Beer Radio The Good Beer Show
  2. pkaeding

    Apple Beer recipe?

    I made an apple beer earlier this year, and it came out pretty good. I used 1 gallon of cider in the 5 gallon batch, so the apple flavor was definitely there, but it was pretty well balanced. I also used some cinnamon and nutmeg to give it that apple-pie-like flavor. I posted the recipe for...
  3. pkaeding

    Wanted: a good apple ale recipe

    I recently made an apple ale that was reminiscent of apple pie, but also had some roasted barley to balance things out. This beer was definitely meant to be a beer first, with hints of cider, rather than a beer-cider hybrid. I posted the recipe on my blog, if you are interested: New England...