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  1. Taetoe

    Who's Fuggles Suffered?

    I've got some wild fuggles that didn't yeild too much. About 6 or 7 years ago, my brother planted a hop plant that with much care ended up dieing anyway. Couple years later, we see wild hops growing about 100 feet away from the original plant. This is the first year that I've even really...
  2. Taetoe

    carboy caps vs stoppers

    I'm glad to see someone else does this too.
  3. Taetoe

    Couple of newbie questions

    Thanks everyone. Just wanted to be 100% sure on this.
  4. Taetoe

    Couple of newbie questions

    First off, I'm using a 6 gallon glass carboy as my primary fermenter for a california common. Do I need to do a blowoff tube for this or will just an airlock work? And if I do need to use a blowoff tube, would an orange rubber carboy cap with tubes attached into a jar of water work?