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  1. restill

    eBIAB using a raspberry pi project

    These are all great ideas. I have been wanting to do something similar. I love brewing with my small eBIAB system, that being said, I don't always like to babysit the system. I will use a RPi for some automation of some sort. One thing I have been prototyping is Instapush. I would like the...
  2. restill

    Propane tank ????

    Extra tank for sure. Even when they are not empty they may slow down. Also, Santa got me a hanging luggage scale. Weigh the tank. You can then calculate how much you have left.
  3. restill

    HERMS - What Temp Differential Do You Use?

    I've only used my HERMS a few times since finishing it. I need about a 15 deg diff. I leave the pump running and control the heat in the HLT. It takes a while for the temp to change in the MLT, but a bit of planning, observation, and adjustment on my part seems to work OK. I am going to...
  4. restill

    Show us your sculpture or brew rig

    My new HERMS. More Info .
  5. restill

    What has two thumbs and is going pro?

    Good deal. I am in your town at least once a year. I'll be there in August. Hurry up.
  6. restill

    If you could redo your HERMS...

    Keep 'em coming. I am in the middle of building my HERMS too.
  7. restill

    Want to check my basement temps from my lap top

    Here is how I did it:
  8. restill

    what is going on? porter down to 1.009?

    Don't worry too much about boiling off the top off water. As long as it is straight out of the tap and hasn't been sitting around, it should be fine. I have never boiled my top off water. All of my wine kits use tap water and tell me to in the instructions, they have all turned out fine. You...
  9. restill

    2009 Christmas present thread

    My family rocked this year. Gas manifold with check valves Four beer ingredient kits Five kegs. Two recipe books Gift cert. to the LHBS
  10. restill

    Keg Life

    My kegs have leaks too. I think someone once called them "taps".
  11. restill

    10 Gallon batch using a standard turkey fryer

    I boil 12 gallons with my turkey fryer. It takes over an hour to get boiling, but it boils.
  12. restill

    Massive DIY wort cooler 96ft long

    That is probably the best chiller I have ever seen. You could also sell those at the local art fair.
  13. restill

    Removing Labels

    I soak them for an hour then use a paint scraper. Easy as pie.
  14. beerfridgeGlass


  15. restill

    Does anyone Twitter?

    Even my beer fridge has a Twitter account. : Twitter / beerfridge
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