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  1. pistolero

    Recipe ideas?

    This is what I plan on brewing today. Any suggestions appreciated. A light lager. 1 Munton's Premium Lager Kit (3 pounds 5 ounces hopped LME) 1 pound extra light British DME 1/2 pound rice syrup solids 1/2 pound flaked maize I have 1 ounce Cascade plug, 2 ounces Czech Saaz pellets...
  2. pistolero

    Brewmart Mexican kit.

    Just got back from the LHS, with a bunch of new booty. One thing I can't seem to find any info on is this Brewmart Mexican Style kit. I know most on these forums hate Corona and the like, but I like it and wanted to try a kit in the style. I've searched and can find hardly any reviews or...
  3. pistolero

    Newbie questions.

    Hello brewers! :mug: Newbie here. I brewed a batch or three (and good stuff too) a few years back then let it go. Anyway I decided to try it again recently. Went to a local brewstore and picked up a kit of Munson's Premium Lager, some equipment. Got some advice from the nice folks there...