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  1. floridarunner68

    Having party today - need suggestions

    I have a CO2 tank about 2 foot high and about 8-10 inches in diameter with 5 kegs attached. I originally bought the gauges for a foot long tank and the needle is half-way in the red. The only local gas place is closed. The needle doesn't move very fast and the kegs have been under pressure for...
  2. floridarunner68

    Fermentation Question - Temp

    I brewed a Belgian Ale with a sg. 1.070 with WLP500 Trappist Ale on Sunday. I used pure O2 with a SS air stone for about 90 seconds. I used a blow-off tube for a vigorous fermentation on Monday and Tuesday. I went back to an airlock yesterday. I turned down the A/C to 73 degrees during this...
  3. floridarunner68

    Florida oak leaf

    A Florida Oak (dead/brown) leaf fell into my wort while it was boiling. Not sure how long it was in there. Should I be worried? I assume not since every thing is aged in oak barrels. Also, in the last 15 minutes of my 90 minute boil, I threw in the irish moss and 10 minutes later with 5...
  4. floridarunner68

    Belgium Candi / Tripple

    I am making a Belgium Tripple with 11 lbs of Pale Malt Extract. My LBS didn't have clear candi. I bought a pound of dark, because I can't wait another two weeks for a shipment. Is it going to make a big difference? It will go into a keg when finished.
  5. floridarunner68

    Secondary Question

    This is the first time I have done a secondary since I started in 2001 and with gelatin. This will go into a keg. I let the gelatin bloom for 20 minutes and then brought it up to 170 degrees. I let it cool. When my 5 gallon glass carboy got half-way, I poured it in gently on the hose. I...
  6. floridarunner68


    I put a Belgian Witbier into the fermenter Sunday afternoon with a yeast starter and Monday morning it was bubbling. Tuesday morning it was bubbling every 10 seconds. This morning (Thursday), the krausen was coming out of the airlock. I didn't have time to set up a blow tube before going work. I...
  7. floridarunner68

    Yeast Starter - Counter Life

    I made two yeast starters at 10pm Thursday night. Will they still be good tomorrow afternoon? I have them on the kitchen counter. thanks.
  8. floridarunner68

    Erlenmeyer Flasks

    I live in the Tampa Bay area and does anyone know where I can buy these flasks for yeast starters. I don't want to wait to get one in the mail. Even if you do not live in this area, is there a brand name store that carries them? My local brew shop doesn't carry them. Thanks.