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  1. Matt_D

    News frow WI

    You know what, I have never gone in there yet. It is a shame....
  2. Matt_D

    News frow WI

    Adding a little flavor.... JS Online: NewsWatch
  3. Matt_D


    I need a sun room addition done!!
  4. Matt_D

    HBT NFL '08 thread

    bye bye Millen
  5. Matt_D

    Pets...And Why We Love Them (Pay Homage Here)

    Here is our new pup Murphy. He is a 15 week old Goldendoodle.
  6. Matt_D


    They go between $1000-$2000 around here. Depends on the breeders genes. We got ours from the humane society that bought a puppy mill.
  7. Matt_D


    Here is our family's 15 week old doodle. Great dog and wonderful with my boys.
  8. Matt_D

    Input wanted on Weizenbock Recipe

    Hello, any help out there?
  9. Matt_D

    Full Boil without Kettle Spigot

    You can siphon it out too.
  10. Matt_D

    Input wanted on Weizenbock Recipe

    I am planning on brewing this on Saturday and would like some recipe critiquing. Here is the recipe. I am trying for something similar to Aventinus. BeerSmith Recipe Printout - BeerSmith Brewing Software, Recipes, Blog, Wiki and Discussion Forum Recipe: Mupbottom Weizenbock Brewer: Matt...
  11. Matt_D

    My monster deck project

    Nice Deck YouTube - Blue Collar Comedy Tour - BIG DECK - starring Drew Carey
  12. Matt_D

    Spotted Cow Extract Clone Help / Challenge...Will Donate $25 to HomeBrewTalk

    I did an AG last week. Its going to be a few weeks yet before I can compare. Here is the recipe I used. BeerSmith Recipe Printout - BeerSmith Brewing Software, Recipes, Blog, Wiki and Discussion Forum Recipe: Mupbottom Cream Ale (Spotted Cow Clone) Brewer: Matt Asst Brewer: Style: Cream...
  13. Matt_D

    McCain/Palin in my hometown Friday

    I am thinking of going just to be there. Don't really care about politics. Try to get a good look at Palin John McCain 2008 - John McCain for President JS Online: NewsWatch
  14. Matt_D

    Poll for the men

    I second that
  15. Matt_D

    Bringing home the bacon.

    I would be a Plastic Injection Mold Maker/ CNC Programmer
  16. Matt_D

    Baby Teething

    I have a 3.5 y/o and a 10 mo/o. I don't think I have had more then 4 hours straight sleep since Nov, 2004 when my wife was put on bed rest at 22 weeks.
  17. Matt_D

    Anybody know anything about wireless dog fences?

    possibly doing the same thing this wonderful weekend
  18. Matt_D

    Stein or Jug?

    Do you get the jugs with a purchase of a Stein? :mug:
  19. Matt_D

    Labor Day Weekend 2008 - What's in Your Kettle???

    I am doing a Cream Ale for the SWMBO on Saturday and a Weizenbock on Monday
  20. Matt_D

    My Fantasy Football lineup

    I think that he is going to be the goto guy. With pressure coming and with him crossing the middle, He will be a hot target for AR.