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    Picked up a bottle of Utopias today!

    I got a bottle of this a couple days ago and had a few friends try it tonight. I was surprised to find it in a liquor store, just sitting on the counter, all lonely. I was surprised that this smallish town even had one, as I'd been trying to find one for years. I have to say it tastes pretty...
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    Must see YouTube Clips

    I'll just leave these right here. This is brilliant marketing..yes the link takes you offsite but its a lot of fun. Check the comments for fun things to type in. Don't watch this one if you are barely awake. This one is incredibly old but hilarious
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    Anyone older than me ever get carded?

    Maybe they had a problem with it recently and the owner/manager was forcing them to card everyone. Fines/etc
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    Would you pay $100 to drink breast milk soup?

    I dunno there's an entire company dedicated to making breast milk cheese for pizzas. There must be a demand.
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    Squirrel Melts

    If that's really true, it seems like a lot of work/effort to get something that tastes like something that's readily available for 99 cents a pound
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    Talk like a Pirate today

    I was actually thinking zombie pirate since I have a background in special effects makeup, or possibly scurvy pirate.
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    Talk like a Pirate today

    Actually, my band is playing a show Tomorrow night and we'll all be dressed like pirates. In 2007 I was a 'goth' pirate. In 2008 I was a 'punk rock' pirate. Who knows what I'll do this year.
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    I got lucky

    Feel free to send me some :P I have a friend who found hops growing in his backyard. He's not sure if the person who planted them knew what they were or not. P.S. thanks for pointing me here, I was actually not already a member.