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  1. Dillbag

    Probe doesn't fit...

    Got a new Johnson Digital Temp Controller today and a bung with a dip tube for the probe. Excited to try and actually control fermentation temps now, but... The probe doesn't fit into the tube. The crimps where the metal cap is attached to the wire are just slightly too fat. Anyone have...
  2. Dillbag

    Turkey Fryer BTU's for 5-Gallon Batches?

    Looking around at turkey fryer burners to take my brewing process out on the patio... And to hopefully speed up bringing things to temperature! What is a recommended BTU fryer for 5 gallon batchs? I did a search as I'm sure this has been asked before, but couldn't find the answer...
  3. Dillbag

    Smoked Porter...

    I'm looking for a good lightly smoked porter recipe... Anyone got a good one for extract? Thanks!
  4. Dillbag

    Forgot my Irish Moss during boil, how to clarify now?

    Forgot to add the irish moss in at the end of my boil last Friday... And it's a Pale Ale, so, I'd like to get it to clear if possible... Are there any tricks that I can use when transferring to a secondary? I plan on kegging this one after it's in the secondary for a bit...
  5. Dillbag

    Transporting a keg before CO2...?

    So, I've got a Lager which I'd like to get in a keg and ready for a party... Only thing is, the secondary is up in my basement in upstate NY, and my kegging stuff is down here in NJ... Is it a bad idea to fill the keg, and drive it down to NJ (approx 2.5 hours) without putting it on CO2?
  6. Dillbag

    Water Cooler Bottles...?

    I'm sure this has been adressed before... But, I didn't find anything. Has anyone used or does anyone know if it's ok to use water cooler bottles as a primary/secondary fermenter...? The ones I have seen are all #7's and at 5 gallons seem like a great size! I looked up Better Bottles and...
  7. Dillbag

    65 GPH... Is it enough?

    Found a 65GPH submersible pump for free... Is it even worth trying to hook it up to my immersion chiller? Or will it not pump anywhere close to enough water through the chiller?
  8. Dillbag

    One-step shelf life

    I've done a rudimentery search and haven't found this info... Once One-step is mixed with water, how long can it be stored? I'm tired of making up a four cup or gallon batch just to sanitize when making a SG reading...
  9. Dillbag

    Question on attenuation...

    First off... Hello all! This is my fourth (fifth if you count the first which didn't end up with much alcohol, but tastes great) batch, and it's my first "high gravity" brew... I'm doing a Scotch Ale OG was 1.096... It's down to about 1.028 now 9 days later... which means an approximate...