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    Moving to Amsterdam

    Hey folks, picking up the fam and heading over. I am storing most of my brew gear as it is a 3 tier using keggles...cant imagine I will be in a place with that kind of space. Not to mention, I have sooo many new brews to try not sure brewing will be worth it. However, I have been really...
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    Instant Polenta - Cereal Mash?

    Looking to do a CAP and want to try a cereal there anything about an "instant" polenta that would reduce its ability to perform? Thanks!
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    Would like your input on online communities (long and prolly boring)

    Folks I am interested in getting some input around online communities (something that is a part of my RL job) and I would like your thoughts. Specifically I would like to use the brewing communities as an example and would appreciate your input. What I am interested in is what makes...