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    Zymurgy Pocahontas Pumpkin Ale (2013)

    Thanks for the feedback. Made this the last 2 years and considering a couple changes. Possibly cutting up and roasting a couple baking pumpkins instead of using puree.
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    Fruit Beer Lemon-Lime Hefe Weizen

    Brewing this one now. Is the all grain recipe for 5 or 6 gallons? Thanks
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    Consecration kit from MoreBeer

    Going to be brewing this soon. I wanted to ask if what I'm thinking about doing would be ok to do. I understand that with this brew you need to stop fermentation when it reaches 1.020 gravity and transfer into secondary afterwards. I brew all my beer at my friends house 5 hours away and usually...
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    Please help! New to kegging!

    I'm also new to kegging and here are a couple things I learned that help decrease and eliminate foaming. I moved from 5ft to 10ft lines for my ipas and similarly carbed brews. The increase in line length creates the pressure drop needed that way your carbonation doesn't come out in foam form...
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    Cheap Copper at Home Depot

    Just grabbed a 60' roll of 1/2" for $25! Thanks!
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    Syracuse Area Brewers?

    Any one know where to get a c02 take refilled?
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    Zymurgy Pocahontas Pumpkin Ale (2013)

    Meant to say 10 gallons in the last post.. Anyway I brewed this and hit my levels and numbers perfectly! I'm going to keg the ale and bottle the saison I think. Does anyone have a suggested co2 volume for these especially the saison? Thanks
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    New York Large 2 tower 4 tap keg dispensor needs refurbished

    Posted this on Craigslist thought I'd see if anyone on here is interested. It's in storage on rt 11 in Cicero.
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    Zymurgy Pocahontas Pumpkin Ale (2013)

    Going to give this a shot this week. Is the recipe in the first post the same as written? Going to do a 5 gallon batch so I'm going to split the recipe in half.
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    Pennsylvania huge amount of ingredients - hops, grains

    I offered to buy everything yesterday still no reply to my pm. I live nearby.
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    Syracuse Area Brewers?

    No its down a little further across from the laundry mat.
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    Syracuse Area Brewers?

    Working on making the move back up to the Syracuse area. Spent some time checking out a few places in the area and took a day trip down to Ithaca Brewery stopping to check out a couple other places including Hopshire. Beautiful area, looking forward to spending some time exploring some more...
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    Zythos IPA

    That's awesome!
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    New way to control Pellet Hop gunk!

    Great idea! When I first used mine I gradually added pellet hops to it so I would avoid any clumping but I still had to pull it out and shake it around a couple times. Edit thought you meant you used it as a filter to a secondary fermenter. Still a good idea though.