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    Hops - Moving House

    So, I have my very first hop bine. The rhizome sprouted shoots a few weeks ago. At the time, I knew we were going to be moving house, so I put a conical trellis in a pot with the rhizome, giving the bine what I thought was ample height to climb prior to moving. About a week later, it had...
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    All foam

    I have three kegs in my kegerator. All are at 1bar. All with 3m (~9') flexmaster II as beerline. Two have picnic taps, and one has a fatlock with an Andale tap. For some reason I can't get a good pour out of the Andale. All I get is foam. All conditions are the same. I have swapped the tap to...
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    How to enjoy a sour?

    Okay, so I have tried a couple of flemish ales and quite enjoy them, but when it comes to lambics, the only ones I can enjoy are the girly ones like Lindeman's framboise. I continue to try the more respected examples in an effort to train my palette, but it doesn't seem to work. I know how...
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    Caravan Stout

    Ingredients: ------------ Amount Item 0.45 kg Rice Hulls (0.0 SRM) 3.00 kg Smoked Malt (3.0 SRM) 1.00 kg Oats, Rolled (not instant) (1.0 SRM) 0.50 kg...
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    Rekorderlig clone?

    I've searched "rekorderlig" on here and other sites, and googled "rekorderlig clone", and can't find any relevant threads. This is an AMAZING cider. I first tried the strawberry lime one, and I was amazed at how fresh the strawberries taste. You can literally taste the seeds on them. Not that...
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    Beersnob's pilsener

    Newest version: Just created this label for my pilsener. Beersnob's is my fictional brewery. The caracature on the label was found on google. I will get my dad to draw me a new one as he is an artist, but I guess it doesn't really matter as it is only for personal use. First version...