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  1. superG

    Another Nottingham thread

    @Beer604 I have to concur with your conclusion: problem must be with production, cuz there's no way everyone would have the same transport problem at the same time. Hadn't thought it like that! d'oh! :(
  2. superG

    Another Nottingham thread

    I've also had problems with the Nottingham yeast - but I wonder if mistreatment of the yeast during transport is the problem or part of the problem. Some homebrewers have problems with notty, some don't, even with yeast packets with the same lot number, which indicates something is causing the...
  3. superG

    NanoBrewery build

    Holy Mackerel!! I just found this thread and I am excited!! :mug: I am in Canada and the rules and regs for any kind of alcohol-based business: distribution, importing, brewing, wine-making, even just simple bottle-shop selling, is hellish!!!!!!! HELLISH! All the best to you and your brewery in...
  4. superG

    what thickness is side-wall and bottom of sankey keg?

    what thickness is side-wall and bottom of sankey keg? Cannot find this information anywhere - I have a european style 'plus keg' with 1mm - 0.03937 inch = 39/1000 - thickness - this seems mighty thin for a boil kettle. I also have a standard US style sankey keg - not yet converted, but I...