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    Lots of different methods

    My wife was helping me with the first couple of batches I have done in a while and while asking questions she was astonished at my replies and at one point gently admonished me for not refreshing my memory better before jumping back in. I patiently :) explained that there really are no hard...
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    temp problems

    I've got temp problems. Getting four batches ready for an end of August B-day bash and we happen to be in the only hot time of year in the Northwest. Just bottled two batches that fermented in the 70-85 range, jacketed with wet towels part of the time. Fast fermentation of 12 & 14 days to...
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    help! aeration damage-toss it?

    OK rookie mistake, but hey I'm a rookie :-) I made a half a dozen extract batches without problems (8 years ago). Getting back into it. Wife wanted clearer beer so decided to rack to a clean carboy for last couple of days. We bought a new siphon pump to replace mouth induced siphon (seemed...