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    Recipe reduction... yeast reduction?

    I have a 5 gal pumpkin ale recipe I make around this time of year, using 2 packs of Danstar Nottingham yeast to get a good fast fermentation. I plan to reduce the recipe to 2.5 gallons this year, due to pipeline full, spice beers and pumpkin beers galore. Do I need to reduce the yeast by...
  2. B v. features: the Ale Abacus recipe generator cloud storage utilizes/syncs recipes with an Android app called 'Brewing Assistant' in free and paid versions. features: recipe generator cloud storage utlizes an Android application called 'Brewer's...
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    cold garage = flat beer?

    Stored freshly bottled beer in the garage, cold nights, daytime temps in the 60's... issues with bottle carbing? If so, how can I now get the bottles to carb?
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    Nor-Cal kegs?

    I'm looking to setup a kegerator/keezer (whatever parts I can find cheapest) - and am looking to start pricing some used kegs to get this party started! Any good sources in the Nor-cal area for cheap kegs? Local to 916 preferred. Thanks in advance! - B916
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    Handle Pumpkin

    Carmelize canned pumpkin, boil for about 10 minutes in a few gallons of water. Strain water to remove pumpkin, add water, heat to strike temp. Mash with pumpkin water. Discuss.
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    Like Brewblogger?

    are there any tools out there that can be incorporated to a site - like for instance, One of the limitations of brewblogger is you can't incorporate its login validations with that of your website, so users would have to 'login twice' - any thoughts? - B916
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    Blue Moon made me feel ILL!

    True story. Had one from a neighbor, put an early end to my 4th of July festivities. Disgusting.
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    Hopville going freemium?

    While searching for a web based recipe site for potential future use personally and to endorse thru a web-project in the works, I am reading that Hopville is going freemium? Being a gamer at heart, even the mention of gated service leaves a slightly salty taste in my mouth. Why not just add a...
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    Is this the cloud recipe service we have been waiting for? Has new updates bringing it inline with locally stored apps, i.e. new mash calculator, - (the last time I tried to use it that was the trip point.) It sounds like they got it worked out. I'm gonna try to mess with this tonight, any takers to run thru a recipe...
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    Hi All - Anyone using Brewblogger? I am trying a fresh install and am getting an error when I access my hosted site; Any help is appreciated. >>>>>Here is the config script I am using :::<<<<< <?php /*******Set up MySQL connection variables******* Generally, this...
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    DOH! ~ I pulled a boner

    I was finishing up an All grain Belgian Blonde - in the carboy cooled and ready to pitch... I get the yeast from where it had been resting and shook the lil' vial ~ maybe a bit too much trying to get the yeast caked on the sides and out of the bottom ~ ... so, when I opened it next to the...
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    Irish Red Ale Bishop Garity's Irish Red

    Bishop Garity's Irish Red - Irish Red Ale (9D) Brewer Bishop916 @ Bishop's HomeBrewery Date 01/31/2012 ABV - 5.4% Fermentables Total grain: 12.000 lb 8.000 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) Bel 1.500 lb Carared 12.000 oz Biscuit Malt 12.000 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt - 60L 12.000 oz Caramunich Malt...
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    Yeast left out all day

    Brew day took a bit longer than expected due to NFL, family, etc. (damn NFL) - WL English Ale liquid yeast left out ~ 10 hours or so. Dumped into 5g carboy @ 830p last night - no activity yet. Usually I see good rolling fermentation the next morning, so I am concerned -did I kill my yeast...
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    Bishop's HomeBrewery Tarbaby Porter

    Removed until after brew day
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    Brewer's Friend

    Looks like a pretty complete site, as far as tools for brewing. Not much in the way of sharing (low usage), but seems to have everything you need. Brewer's Friend, home brewing resources Thoughts?
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    Pumpkin Ales make bottle bombs?

    So I brewed my pumpkin ale here: I let it sit a couple weeks extra in secondary before I bottled it on the 25th. It was a long ferment. I just sampled one last night after 24 hours in the fridge...
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    Building a cooler mash tun....

    ...and bought polymer braid supply line - as opposed to stainless steel braid. Would I have problems using what I bought? I already cut it up. Discuss. Thanks in advance. - B916
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    got my hands in the wort

    dropped the strainer bag. post boil. I figured to just re-boil it and re-cool... ruined?
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    pumpkin ale: Sorghum syrup, amber candi sugar or brown sugar

    Hi all - I'm taking a recently published pumpkin ale recipe and doing some tweeking, - I have brown sugar in the house, and a bag of amber candi... but i was thinking of using white sorghum syrup as part of the recipe on brewmasters... any thoughts on what would go best with the pumpkin/spices...
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    Sam Adams Summer Ale...

    ...tastes like Lemony-Fresh Pine-Sol. That is all. Discuss.