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    Brittle bottles!

    As I'm cooking up my 3rd batch I am enjoying my 2nd batch. However, in the past 8 bottles I have had 2 now that have broke when I opened them. The entire top of the bottle has broke of when I tryed to open it. Something I did wrong? Or bad batch of bottles? It should be noted that I put a 12...
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    Storing grains

    I have some crushed grains that have been in a zip lock back for the past 6 weeks. Meant to use them long ago, but things got crazy. Are these still ok or should I pick up some fresh ones. Thanks
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    Beer boxes?

    So does anyone know where I can buy/find some good strong beer cases? I need something that will work well for storage and transport. Any ideas?
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    So I have 2 batches in the secondary right now, one has been there for 2 weeks and the other one has been there for just one. The one that has been sitting for a week is alot lighter and there appears to be little bits of something floating in it, kind of looks like mold.... Is it ok? Its only...
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    Can beer sit too long?

    What is the shelf life of bottled beer? I have a nice little dark closet in teh basement I plan on using for storage. What about letting it sit in the secondary? Is there such a thing as to long? Don't get me wrong, I plan on knocking them back as fast as I can, but I plan on several batches....
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    Secondary Fermentation

    I have a kit coming and plan on doing doing secondary fermentation. From reading and my very limited knowledge is that secondary fermentation is mainly for clarifying the brew. My question is, how clear will it get? Should I expect sediment in the bottles even if I leave it in the secondary for...
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    First timer

    I have been told many times over that one of the most important steps is sanatizing. I will be staring my first batch in the next couple of days as soon as my new kit arrives. I'm just looking for the best techniques to make sure everything is good to go. How long should I soak everything? What...