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  1. timschram

    Adding 120V to blichmann G2 kettle

    I have been reading a lot of threads on HBT and various articles elsewhere on moving to electric brewing. I want to add the ability to do electric brewing mainly for weather purposes (Chicagoland, nasty winters, but also not fun to sit around a flame when it’s 96 with 100% humidity). Currently...
  2. timschram

    Half keg/half bottle questions

    When my brother and I package or collab brews, I typically keg my half (~2.5 gallons) and he bottles his half (also ~2.5 gallons). Since we started doing this, we have had quite a few batches on the bottle side turn into gushers. Typically what we do is siphon my half into the sanitized keg...
  3. timschram

    Coffee malt

    My LHBS just started carrying coffee malt. I've made a couple coffee infused beers with some success and was wondering what I could expect from coffee malt. Anyone willing to share their experiences?
  4. timschram

    Putting beer back into fermenter

    So, I went through the whole process of bottling tonight and got to the point of actually capping only to realize I didn't have my capper. I'm thinking of just gently pouring everything back into a fermentation bucket with airlock and attacking it again in a few days. A) do I have another...
  5. timschram

    Quick carb/hold carb

    I need to carb two kegs in the next two weeks, but I don't have a splitter for my co2 and won't be able to get to my LHBS until after next weekend. I am going to quick carb both of them over the next few days. Typically when I do this, I give the keg 30psi for 24 hours. Turn off co2, release...
  6. timschram

    Carbing psi lower than serving psi?

    I'm about to carb a stout. I need 8 psi to carb.
  7. timschram

    co2 drop

    Just kegged for the first time this morning. Had 700 psi when I started, at roughly 11 am cst. It's now 4 pm and it's down to 500 psi. I imagine the pressure drop can be attributed to being in a 38 degree keezer after being at roughly 68 degrees. Can anyone confirm and set my mind at ease...
  8. timschram

    Custom glassware?

    Anyone have any suggestions on where to go to get custom glassware (pint glasses, etc) for a homebrewery?
  9. timschram

    Weird efficiency! Please help!

    I have been brewing for a good while now (two or so years) and have at least 20 all grain brews under my belt, albeit with my brother. I just brewed my second solo batch, a French saison, and hit 90% efficiency. My brother and I routinely had efficiencies of 75-80%, but 90% seems ludicrous...
  10. timschram

    Quick yeast starter or straight wyeast??

    I will be out of town all week, arriving home Friday late afternoon/early evening. I will be unavailable on Sunday. I want to brew up a French saison using wyeast 3711 French saison yeast on Saturday. Question: do I do a starter on Friday night and use it on Saturday afternoon or do I buy and...
  11. timschram

    Did we add fruit properly??

    We split a 5.5 gallon batch yesterday and in one half we added fresh strawberries. We used 4 pounds of strawberries for 2.5-2.75 gallons. We crushed the strawberries a little bit then brought them up to 170 degrees and let it sit for 5 minutes. We put all 4 pounds into a carboy, put that in an...
  12. timschram

    Some bottles carbonated, others not at all

    We brewed a double ipa a few months ago and only three or four of the bunch (25 or so bombers) carbonated. Most of them are completely flat even with a hard pour, but those three or four are perfectly carbonated. Any ideas??
  13. timschram

    Flow rate when batch sparging

    I need clarification on how heavy of a flow is acceptable when batch sparging. We have always drained at every step at a ver slow rate. Not a trickle, but we take our time. A friend of mine also batch sparges and opens up his valves all the way at every step. On the Midwest supplies website...
  14. timschram

    Online grain resource

    Does anyone know of an online resource that will have a pretty comprehensive list of specialty grains that provides description, ideal styles, and approximate percentage to be used? The BYO website has a great list, but it does not include percentages. When I buy specialty grain at my local...
  15. timschram

    Screen for brew kettle

    We have to brew outside (near the end of a garage) and, although it has not been a big problem, we are worried about contaminants getting into the wort during boil and runoff. We have a kettle that we have not been able to find a screen that you use for frying that is big enough. Any ideas...
  16. timschram

    No water in airlock

    In our haste to get finished up on Sunday, we forgot to put water in the airlock. Should we dump? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  17. timschram

    APA Session Ale Critique

    Good day brewers. Brewing a session ale tomorrow. 5 gallon batch. Mash at 150 for an hour. 5# NA 2 row 2# American Munich 20L 1# American Pilsner .5# Crystal 60L .5 oz Nugget 60 min boil 1 oz willamette 10 min 1 oz Centennial at flameout, sit 15 minutes 1 oz willamette dryhop 7...
  18. timschram

    Black peppercorn??

    I want to do a session ale but had an idea of using a small amount of black peppercorn for a subtle hint of black pepper. Has anyone ever had success with this? Any recommendations for how much to use? With what grains and hops would this work?? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  19. timschram

    First time kegging

    Kegged a blonde for the first time this past Tuesday, June 17. Had it at 10 psi in a 65 degree basement. This morning it was still not very carbonated. Upped it to 10 psi and got it into a refrigerator. Will this be ready tomorrow? Or will this require another few days?? Sent from my iPhone...
  20. timschram

    No carbonation!!!

    My brother and I made an oatmeal stout a few months back. Bottled it three weeks ago. When we opened it after three weeks, little to no carbonation. I'm pretty sure we used 4 oz of priming sugar for a 5 gallon batch. Should we just give it more time or is this batch SOL?? Sent from my iPhone...