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    Lost Airlock Rubber Seal

    Alright so I just brewed up a batch and couldn't find my airlock rubber grommet for my bucket. Anyone have a household solution for this? The airlock sits down in the hole fairly snug, but I was thinking maybe put some vaseline on it to provide an actual air seal? Any reason that wouldn't...
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    Apricot Citrus Wheat

    Well SWMBO has been bugging me to brew for over a month now (go figure), and I finally got around to it. I used up some ingredients I had laying around, and I know using sugar is bad but I didn't have any DME so I used brown sugar. The recipe below is partial mash because I wanted to use up my...
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    Blackberry Mead

    I brewed up a one gallon batch of blackberry mead a few weeks ago and just got around to bottling it last night. It tasted quite strong at bottling, but not too sweet which is what I was going for. The blackberries seem to have a natural bittering effect. Here is the ingredient list...