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  1. MSbrewer

    Central MS Brewers

    All of us on the Miss. brew blog have decided to start a HB Club...Anyone that is interested go to are getting a head count for a meeting....CHEERS!!
  2. MSbrewer

    Check this out

    just got this like from some of the MS boys on another forum.....
  3. MSbrewer

    need a little hepl.....AGAIN

    I brewed a Kolsch Saturday....I started my morning at 7am and went ahead and smacked my smack pack of Kolsch yeast. I did a lot of things that day and didnt get through with brewing till this time(I made sure the smack pack pocket had busted earlier) the pack was still the same size...
  4. MSbrewer

    first yeast starter question

    We decided to make another beer, but had already prepared the yeast starter. How long will the yeast starter last and are there any special instructions in order to save it?
  5. MSbrewer

    Brewing a wit and need a little help

    Here is the recipe: 1 lb flaked oats 4 lbs of Alexander's wheat malt 2 lbs English dry extract 1 1/2 oz hallertauer (60 min) 1/2 " " (15 min) 1 oz coriander seed 5 min 1 oz bitter orange Wyeast Belgian ale prop. I dont have a LHBS anywhere close to me and I only received 1/2 lbs...
  6. MSbrewer

    Question about my yeast starter

    I made a yeast starter yesterday, but when I cooled the mini wort down I let it drop to 50 F. I tried to leave it out long enough to get back up to 65-70 but I got tired and went ahead and pitched the propagator. I put a rubber glove (didnt have a bung big enough for the starter jar) over the...
  7. MSbrewer


    I have only been brewing a short while, but am totally engulfed in brewing. We dont have a homebrew shop here in MS and the closest on is in B-ham/Memphis. Would it be to bold to start thinking of openning one or would you guys be reluctant to buy from a guy that has only been brewing for less...
  8. MSbrewer

    Need help on brew shop to order from

    I have been ordering my brewing whatnots at midwest supplies, but it takes so long to get here (mississippi) . Anyone know of a good place, semi close to the south, where I can get some hops and yeast before my new thermo regulator gets here (Friday)???
  9. MSbrewer

    I'm having problems

    :drunk:I started brewing beer about 6 months ago. I have had 5or6 good beers from extract, but the last two that batches ( finally bought a wort chiller for these last two) have smelled horribly like bananas ( Honey ale, Phlat tire ). I believe that I possibly contaminated them after the boil...
  10. MSbrewer

    Mississippi brew folk

    Anyone in the area interested in starting a brew shop in MS. Iam sick and tired of working for the MAN!!! Cant get beer off of my mind. holla if you have any ideas!!!!!! Looked at some good frontage on Lakeland Dr. or By NorthPark......Any takers:rockin:
  11. MSbrewer

    What is good temp for Kolch Fermentation.

    I bought a kolch kit and it doesnt say anything about Fermenting Temp....Please advise
  12. MSbrewer

    Help..I forgot an step

    I was brewing last night and had a few people over. We got to drinking and I forgot to put my dry malt extract in my beer. I was making a hefe weizen and it called for a half gallon of liq. wheat extract and a pound of dry.....Should I throw this beer awayt or continue to let it ferment??????